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Safe Routes to School

Walking Wednesdays

Walking Wednesdays will resume in the fall.

The following meet-up locations are places where students and parents can meet and then walk together in a group. All locations, except for the TVF&R location, have given permission to use their parking lot for those who wish to drive part of the way to school and then walk the rest.

  • All locations are not staffed by school staff or assigned volunteers; instead please make sure your student knows the route or walk with them up to school.

We suggest you work out a plan with other parents and tradeoff who walks with the students on which day. The groups should leave the meet-up locations with enough time to ensure everyone gets to school on time.

You do not need to go to one of the meet-up spots to participate; everyone can be a part of the Walk and Bike to School Days!
Walking Wednesdays
Templeton Elementary – Events monthly on the first Wednesday
Park and Walk/Meet-Up Locations

  1. Calvin Presbyterian Church - 10445 SW Canterbury Lane
    (0.7 mile/12 min. walk or 6 min. bike)
    • Suggested Route Head west on Canterbury Ln., turn left on 103rd Ave. after about 150 feet turn right onto Inez St. then make a right onto 100th Ave., then left onto Pembrook St. We do not recommend walking along 97th Ave., but rather suggest walking along the driveway between Twality Middle School and Templeton Elementary.
  2. Southwest Church of Christ - 9725 SW Durham Rd.
    (0.8 mile/ 16 min. walk or 5 min. bike)
    • Suggested Route Turn right out of the parking lot onto 98th Ave. towards Templeton Elementary, then turn right onto Sattler St. then turn left onto 96th Ave. utilizing the sidewalk on the right side of the street, then turn right on Murdock onto the sidewalk to Templeton.

Mary Woodward Elementary
– Events monthly on the first Wednesday
Walking School Bus/Bike Train Meet-Up Locations

  1. TVF&R Station 50, 12617 SW Walnut St. (0.5 mile/10 min. walk or 5 min. bike)
    • Suggested Route use the trail behind the fire station that goes through Jack Park, then turn right onto 127th Ave., then turn right onto Karen St.; Karen St. turns into Katherine St., Mary Woodward Elementary is on the left.
  2. Summerlake Dog Park 11450 SW Winterlake Dr. (0.4 mile/8 min. walk or 2 min. bike)
    • Suggested Route turn left out of the parking onto Winterlake Dr. then turn right onto 125th Ct., then turn left onto the trail between houses 11830 and 11862 SW 125th Ct. This trail will lead directly to Mary Woodward.

Tigard's Safe Routes to School Program is made possible with support from Metro and the Federal Transit Administration


Safe Routes to School
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