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City of Tigard

Minutes Matter: Tigard Police Levy

Updated: 8/14/19

The City Council is considering a local option levy to fund ten additional police officers. A decision on whether to refer a levy for the May 2020 ballot will not be made until all parts of the Tigard community have shared their feedback. 
Gathering community feedback is happening throughout the summer and will include reconvening a citizen-led Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force. 

Message from Mayor Snider

It’s my job to ensure our police have the ability to continue to respond appropriately. We’re discussing a local option levy to increase the number of officers available to respond to the increasing calls for service. Our aim is to: 

Decrease response time: Since 2013, response time for Priority one and two calls (major crimes) has increased by 21% to an average of six minutes and 23 seconds. Our community needs a response time under five minutes. 

Increase community policing. Additional officers will benefit all areas of Tigard. Officers will engage in proactive community policing efforts, such as patrolling neighborhoods to increase visibility and interact with neighbors more informally. 

Provide a consistent and proactive response to homelessness. The Council is considering the deployment of a two-officer Homeless Outreach Team. In the past, officers have done proactive outreach with campers, providing them with resources to help them get into transitional housing. While the number of individuals experiencing homelessness in the city has increased, staffing limitations have essentially eliminated the time for this needed outreach. 

We will not make a final decision on a local option levy until we hear from you. We are getting out of city hall and into your neighborhood, but we need your help. Invite us to a community event. Submit a question via “What’s on Your Mind?” 

Why Minutes Matter

The Tigard Police Department is an engaged, resilient department working to make your community safer and more livable. In this series of articles, Tigard Police covers a wide range of topics including making a positive impact on the homeless community, growing work load from issuing warrants, and working the graveyard shift. 

'What Happens After a Crash' provides a behind-the-scenes account the time required in responding the accidents.

On a gloomy, wet evening in December, cars were backed up for two and a half hours along Southwest Hall Boulevard near City Hall. Tigard Police and their partners were responding to a crash involving a vehicle that struck a pedestrian in the roadway. The severity of the pedestrian’s injuries required acute care at the scene, resulting in the roadway being temporarily closed.

When it comes to motor vehicle crashes, first responders work quickly to clear the roadway to restore traffic flow, but this is contingent on prioritizing patient medical needs, the safety of everyone at the scene and preserving the area for the investigation to determine the cause.  

Tigard Police and their first responder partners strive to ensure Tigard is a safe and livable community. Performing safety measures at a crash site, similar to this incident, may result in traffic delays, but saving a life and preventing future injury crashes are top priorities.

Tigard Police - Minutes Matter

Kathy Nyland, Assistant City Manager

Sept. 18: Levy Task Force meeting
Sept. 21: Police Open House

Sept. 24: Council Discuss on Levy
Ongoing: Minutes Matter video debuts

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September 21: Police Open House

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