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  • Police Services Local Option Levy

2020 Police Services Levy

Funding Police Services

Levy Calculator AppWe’ve created a Levy Calculator to show the impact of the Police Services Levy on your household. These calculations are solely intended to provide a cost for the proposed levy measure that, if approved, would result in an estimated $0.29 tax increase per $1,000 of taxable assessed value. Results may vary due to actual assessed value calculations in 2020-21.

In May 2020, Tigard voters will have an opportunity to consider a proposed five-year operating levy which would, if passed, fund police services. Here are answers to questions we are frequently asked.

Q. Would Tigard consider moving the tax increase ballot measure to November instead of May?
Since the levy has been filed with Washington County, we are limited in our ability to remove the measure. The Tigard City Council remains supportive of the levy at this time. They also recognize that we are living in an unprecedented time with events evolving rapidly and will consider any decision that is in the best interest of the community.

Q. What is a local option levy?

A local option levy is a property tax considered by the voters. A city is required to spend the revenue received from the passage of a local option levy on the programs identified in the ballot measure. A local option levy, if not renewed, expires after five years.

Q. Why was a local option levy referred to the voters?
Washington County’s population is growing and so is the City of Tigard’s population. The US Census Bureau’s statistics show that between 2010 and 2018 Washington County’s population grew 12.8% and the City of Tigard’s population grew 13.6%.

The city has also experienced an increase in police calls for service. In 2018 Tigard police responded to 4,800 more calls than in 2010; an increase of 27%. Staffing levels during the same period have decreased by 4% or 3 positions. Currently, the city’s minimum patrol staffing levels are:

» Day shift: Three officers and a supervisor
» Swing shift: Four officers and a supervisor
» Graveyard shift:
    • Three officers and a supervisor, Sunday–Thursday
    • Four officers and a supervisor, Friday and Saturday

The 2019 performance audit, completed by a consultant, recommended adding “8 additional officers to achieve higher minimum staffing to achieve stated goal of 5 minute response to priority 1 and 2 calls for service.”

Q. What would the levy fund if passed?

  • Eight additional police officers to increase neighborhood patrols and follow-up.
  • One additional school resource officer to address school safety.
  • Advanced crisis intervention and conflict de-escalation training for Tigard police officers.
  • Two additional support staff in the Police Department to manage evidence and records, plus 2.2 additional positions to support data informed policing, communications and hiring.

Q. If voters approve the measure, what would be the result of the city adding 9 more police officers?

  • The city would have additional officers to respond when multiple 911 calls occur at the same time. Currently, on some shifts there are not enough patrol officers to cover two high priority calls occurring at once in Tigard.
  • Tigard officers would have more time to spend on each call.
  • An additional school resource officer would be assigned to work with the schools.

Q. If the levy passes, how much would property taxes increase?
Voters are being asked to consider a levy of $0.29 per $1,000 of assessed value. For a homeowner with a house that has a real market value of $447,000 and an assessed value of $280,000; the tax increase would be approximately $81 per year. To see how the levy would impact your property taxes, the city is providing a tax calculator here.

Q. How much of each tax dollar goes to the City of Tigard?
Current Property Tax Dollars

Q. What would happen if the levy doesn’t pass?
If the levy doesn’t pass, police staffing levels would stay the same and city taxes would not increase $0.29 per $1,000 assessed value.

Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force

The Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force is tasked with providing feedback about the levy to Council.

We are
exploring the following questions:
  • Which specific services do voters most value and would be willing to pay for?
  • What information do voters need to better understand the finances, the service levels and the ask?
  • What communication tools and messages are most effective about delivering the information?

Full details are here.
Staff Contact
Marty Wine
City Manager
Email | 503-718-2486

Levy Questions? 
We invite your questions regarding the levy. City Council members will be available to meet informally at a variety of locations.  See the list here.  

Proposed Police Services Local Option Levy
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Police Services Local Option Levy

What's on the Ballot? 
Measure Explanatory Statement  

Performance Audit Findings

A 2019 audit recommended Tigard Police add eight additional officers to achieve the goal of a five minute response time for high priority calls.  

City Report Card
From 2013 to 2018, Tigard Police responded to a 23% increase in calls for service.

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