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After the Vote

Tigard Prepared to Move Forward with Budget Cutbacks
Unofficial election results from the Washington County Elections Office show Measure 34-283, the City of Tigard’s request for an operating and capital levy to fund police, parks and the library, was defeated on the May 15 ballot.

"We’re stirred but not shaken," said City Manager Marty Wine. "We prepared for this and the budget we proposed to the Budget Committee was developed with the mindset that we would not have a levy. While this means we will now have to cut back some of the services we provide, we will still do our best to provide quality services with the resources we have."

"Residents and voters get a choice in determining what type of city we will be," said Wine. "Tigard has excelled for several years to meet the expectations of a growing city, even with its limited resources. This result, though, tells us it is time to re-tool and scale back on community events, recreation programs, certain types of community policing, and revert to what Council determines to be core services only and fewer quality of life services."

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