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2020 Police Services Levy

Funding Police Services

On May 19, 2020, Tigard voters approved a five-year Police Services Levy by a solid margin, nearly 55% to 45%. With the passage of the levy, we will:

  • Hire 8 additional patrol officers to respond to increased calls for service, multiple emergencies at the same time, and community patrols.
  • Add one school resource officer to enhance student safety.
  • Train all sworn officers in advanced crisis intervention and de-escalation to address increased mental health crises.

What's Next?

We will design reports for accountability of levy funds police services for regular reporting to the community, and continue to communicate as we have been on this webpage and on social media. 

Tigard Police are actively recruiting and conducting oral boards (interview) with officer candidates. The Department has arranged with the contractor Public Safety Testing to allow candidates to take the entry-level recruitment tests online during COVID-19. 

Statement from Mayor Jason Snider
“Tonight is a victory for every one of Tigard’s 53,148 community members. Our Police Department will now have the resources needed to provide the safe and secure Tigard that our community expects and deserves. With the passage of the levy comes great responsibility. The city will fulfill the city council’s promises and will do so in a transparent, financial responsible manner. The entire community will benefit from decreased response times, safer schools, more neighborhood patrols, and officers better equipped to deescalate mental health crises. I invite the community to track our progress on this page.”  

Statement from Police Chief McAlpine
“Thank you so much, Tigard, for supporting the Police Services Levy. One thing I have come to value about Tigard is the community support. The Tigard Police Department takes pride in providing a high level of service, and over the years we’ve seen an erosion in our services because the staffing levels have not kept pace with the population growth and the demand for police services. At times we have been challenged in providing the level of service you’ve come to expect, and quite frankly, deserve. With the passage of this levy, we look forward to hiring eight patrol officers to be in your neighborhoods, to conduct timely follow up, to be more geographically distributed and to handle more than one emergency at one time. We will also add one School Resource Officer to be assigned to each of the middle schools so we can provide and focus on school safety, and build relationships with our youth. Every police officer will also receive advanced training in crisis intervention and de-escalation skills to better address those individuals who are exhibiting signs of distress. We will immediately begin to recruit and hire those individuals who reflect our community and possess our core values. During the first year, we will focus on the hiring and training of those new officers. I will be strategic and transparent with your tax dollars. On behalf of the men and women of the Tigard Police Department, I want to thank you for your vote.” 


Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force

The Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force is tasked with providing feedback about the levy to Council.

We are
exploring the following questions:
  • Which specific services do voters most value and would be willing to pay for?
  • What information do voters need to better understand the finances, the service levels and the ask?
  • What communication tools and messages are most effective about delivering the information?

Full details are here.
Levy Calculator
The Levy Calculator shows the impact of the Police Services Levy on your household.

Proposed Police Services Local Option Levy
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Police Services Local Option Levy

Performance Audit Findings
A 2019 audit recommended Tigard Police add eight additional officers to achieve the goal of a five minute response time for high priority calls.  

City Report Card
From 2013 to 2018, Tigard Police responded to a 23% increase in calls for service.

May 2020 Voter's Pamphlet
You can find ballot measure 34-295 on page 51. Click here

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