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City of Tigard

Washington Square Regional Center

Washington Square Regional Center provides vital jobs and services for our growing region. Located in Tigard, Beaverton, and unincorporated Washington County, Washington Square is one of eight regional centers in the Metro area.

Washington Square Regional Center may be best known as a shopping destination, but it’s so much more:

» 940 businesses operate here
» 14,278 people work here
» 1,911 people live here
» 633 children attend Metzger Elementary School
» 14,000 people use the transit center every week

Washington Square Regional Center is envisioned as a dense and walkable commercial hub, with lots of housing and mixed-use development that is served by high-quality transit. However, much has changed in the housing and commercial markets since the original vision was adopted 20 years ago. We're working closely with community partners like Verde to develop an equitable engagement plan. This plan supports participation in the project by residents and small businesses to reflect the diversity of the people and businesses in the regional center. These and other representatives from partner agencies, large businesses/employers, and property owners/managers will join the project team in a series of Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) meetings to help guide future development and investment in the area.

Over the next two years, the city will refine this vision for Tigard with the goal of:

  • Working with businesses and residents to understand community priorities.
  • Understanding and responding to emerging market trends.
  • Facilitating development that is consistent with Tigard’s vision to be a walkable, healthy, and inclusive community.

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Staff Contact

Washington Square Regional Center
Susan P. Shanks, Sr Planner 
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Key Facts

  • This project is funded through a Metro 2040 Planning and Development Grant
  • 827 acres: Total size of regional center
  • 288 acres: Portion of regional center within Tigard
  • 105 acres: Total size of Washington Square Mall

Washington Square Regional Center Plan
Project Boundary Map
WA Square Regional Center Boundary Map


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