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  • Surface Water Management - Stormwater

Surface Water Management


The portion of the system maintained by the City of Tigard includes:

  • Miles of pipe - 135
  • Catch Basins - 4,801
  • Water Quality Facilities - 240

Key Performance Indicators 

  • Miles of pipe inspected annually - 21
  • Miles of pipe cleaned annually - 21
  • Steet lane miles swept monthly - 346

Increased Service
The Tigard stormwater surcharge increased by $3.50 on January 1, 2020 to fund enhanced stormwater management efforts in Tigard. After 30+ years without a guiding plan, the city now has a Stormwater Master Plan to address many erosion, water quality and flooding issues. Key projects getting underway soon:

  • Kruger Creek Stabilization – Kruger Creek is experiencing severe erosion in the Bull Mountain area. This erosion is threatening slope stability and the safety of sewer, stormwater, streets and private infrastructure located near the creek. Design will start soon on needed stream improvements extending from Bull Mountain Park, under SW Greenfield and SW Gaarde Streets
  • Frewing Street – Construction to replace undersized and aging stream culvert and storm pipelines will occur this winter.
  • Red Rock Creek Stabilization – Planning is underway to define an extensive creek and greenway improvement project to address severe streambank erosion that has undercut sewer lines, plugged culverts and destroyed habitat through the Tigard Triangle. Creek stabilization and greenway enhancement, including a potential trail, will be designed and constructed over several years starting in 2022.

Money Saving Measures
Year-Round Maintenance - Staff work year-round maintaining Tigard water quality facilities to keep them functioning efficiently (these are ponds, swales and rain gardens that cleanse and slow down stormwater runoff before it enters pipes and creeks. 

Major Maintenance – A regular program of proactive vs. reactive maintenance fixes things before they worsen, saving money and minimizing disruption.  

Investing in our future. Find a sewer improvement project near you 

Meet Our Staff 
Carla Staedter and Lori Faha: 
Kirt Bowers:

Stormwater Master Plan Story Map

Stormwater: Caring for our Streams

John Goodrich
PW Utility Operations Manager
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Stormwater master plan
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