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A unique feature of Tigard is our many open and natural creek greenways which include Fanno, Summer, Ash, and Red Rock Creeks. These watery greenspaces help define our city’s identity. The creeks are fed by springs and rainwater. Development nearby and uphill of the streams affects our streams, often in negative ways.

When it rains, stormwater washes over streets, roofs, lawns and parking lots picking up oil, sediment, bacteria, grease and chemicals that can pollute our creeks and the Tualatin River. Pavement, including streets, sidewalks, roofs and parking lots, causes rain to runoff quickly into storm pipes and creeks. This fast, flashy stormwater runoff can cause erosion of stream channels and local flooding. In 2018 Tigard City Council adopted a Stormwater Master Plan with policies and actions that protect people and the environment from the negative effects of urban stormwater runoff.

Master Planning Effort
Starting in June 2016, the city worked with residents, business owners and a consultant team to look for ways the city can protect people and property from flood events, manage the stormwater pipe system, enhance streams and floodplains, and more. As there are unfortunately more needs than funds for projects, we also have been developing priorities and policies to direct us in solving the most important problems first.

The city partners with other agencies in planning for stormwater runoff.  In cooperation with Clean Water Services, Tigard works to enhance the public drainage and creek systems to meet public needs and to comply with strict water quality regulations set for the Tualatin River and its tributary streams by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).


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Stormwater master plan

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