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Metzger After-School Program

Tigard Parks & Rec hosted a pilot after-school program at Metzger Elementary during the 2016-2017 school year. During the spring season, recreation staff led 35 students in activities like cooking, soccer and art. Hear from Recreation Coordinator Anthony Markey and Metzger Elementary School Principal Todd Farris about the impacts of the program.

“Many Metzger students have no organized social or learning experiences beyond the school day. The after-school programming was a wonderful opportunity to provide fun and enriching activities to students who would otherwise be left to their own devices,” says Farris. “In some cases, being at home means no safe outdoor places to play and/or negative influences in those scenarios. After-School Parks & Rec programming provided an awesome alternative!”

Due to planned reductions, there will be no after-school program at Metzger Elementary this spring.

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