River Terrace

Development Is Underway

River Terrace is currently in the permitting and construction phase of development and will be in this phase for the foreseeable future. Full build-out is expected to take roughly 20 years and provide homes for about 6,500 new residents. 

Construction Impacts Roy Rogers Road

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Development Activity
See below for more information about proposed and approved subdivisions.

River Terrace Map: Subdivision Application

Proposed Subdivisions

8. River Terrace Crossing – Modification
198 (Proposed modification includes the addition of 18 lots)
Under Review
Case Numbers:
PDR2018-00005/ TUP2018-00022 thru 00026.

Applicant Materials: Residential Planned Development Detailed Plan Review | Five Temporary Use Permits | Early Grading Authorization

Background: The city approved plans for the subdivisions known as River Terrace Crossing in 2017. However, Polygon Northwest notified the city that it was their intention to modify the original approvals to allow the developer the ability to refine the lot layout to offer a housing variety that better suits the current housing market.  The request proposes to introduce a single-level home option and replace large lots for more standard and medium lots that are more affordable. The proposed modification includes the addition on 18 lots which remain in compliance with the allowable density range originally approved with the development.  Plans have been submitted to the city for review in December 2018. A public hearing on the new plans is scheduled for March 4th, 2019.

Approved Subdivisions

Click to view all River Terrace approved subdivision applications

1. River Terrace Northwest

215 single-family homes
Under construction, 90% completed
Plan* | Decision | Modified Plan 1* | Modified Plan 2* | Modified Setback Decision

2. Polygon at West River Terrace

Units: 137 single-family homes
Status: Completed
Documents: Plan* | Decision | Modified Plan 1* | Modified Plan 2* | Street Modification | Modified Decision | Modified Setback Decision

3. River Terrace East
299 single-family homes and 141 multifamily units
Status: Under construction
3a.) Documents: Modified Plan* | Modified Decision
3b.) Documents: Plan* | Decision
3c.) Documents: Plan* | Decision
3d.) Documents: Plan* | Decision

4. Polygon at Roshak Ridge

Units: 244 single-family homes
Status: Under construction
Documents: Plan* | Decision | Modified Plan* | Modified Setback Decision

5. South River Terrace 
335 (219 single-family homes and 116 multifamily units)
Status: Subdivision land use Approved
 Plan* | Decision 

6. River Terrace Park

Units: 158 single-family homes
Status: Subdivision land use approved
Documents: Plan* | Decision

7. Polygon at Bull Mountain

Units: 82 single-family homes
Status: Completed
Documents: Plan* | Decision

8. River Terrace Crossing

Units: 180 single-family homes
Status: Under construction
Documents: Plan* | Decision

* Posted plans were approved through the land use process. Plans may vary slightly from what is built during the construction process to accommodate utilities, topography, sensitive lands, and the like.

Questions about development in Beaverton’s South Cooper Mountain (north of SW Scholls Ferry Rd)?
Please contact:
Jana Fox, Associate Planner at the City of Beaverton 503-526-3710


Construction Contact
Mike White, Sr. Engineering Tech
503-718-2454 | Email 

Development Contact 
Planner on Duty
503-718-2427 | Email

River Terrace: Plan Area and City Boundary
Learn About River Terrace
If you want more information about the planning process and community plan, check out the River Terrace webpage.

Buying a Home
If you are interested in purchasing a home in River Terrace, contact Polygon Northwest at 360-695-7700. Polygon Northwest is the only active home builder in River Terrace at this time.

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