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  • Diversity Message from Mayor Snider

Let's Talk Tigard

Racial Equity

Our Vision: an equitable community that is walkable, healthy & accessible for everyone.
Learn more how equity is woven throughout our vision.

While recent national events have created an urgent cry for policing reform across the country, the City recognizes that systemic racism exists in our community, and we are perpetuating it. We’re fully committed to racial equity and justice as we cultivate an equitable community that is walkable, healthy, and accessible for everyone.

The City Council has empaneled the Public Safety Advisory Board (PSAB) to review public safety practices. The heart of their work will begin in January 2021. We will take a similar approach to examining other city operations when the work of the PSAB concludes.

Meanwhile, city staff are implementing an Anti-Racism Action Plan that identifies actions aimed at identifying and addressing racism and bias in city operations. 

Through podcasts, videos, and written articles, community members will tell their story in the Let’s Talk Tigard... Racial Equity series about race and the systematic racism present in our community and country. 

Meet the Community Members of the Public Safety Advisory Board 
At the November 10th Council meeting, city councilors selected the community members for the Public Safety Advisory Board. 

Danny Rauda, Jimmy Brown, Justin Low, Patty Lofgren, Sheherazade Weyland, Thurman 'Lee' Landers, and Valerie Sasaki were selected as voting members. John Gerland and Jeff Mott were selected as the alternate members.

Learn more about each community member...

Jimmy Brown
Jimmy Brown, a 26-year resident of Tigard, talks about raising a Black family in Tigard, interactions with the Tigard Police Department, and goals for the Public Safety Advisory Board.

Also, Jimmy discusses:

  • Volunteer work with the Tigard-Tualatin School District
  • Being a 'hip and aware' parent 
  • Importance of putting an equity lens to all city services

Listen now...

Brad Dorsey
Brad has a passion for being involved in programs that promote racial reconciliation and equality. He is currently on the board of a Climate Change company with a mandate to educate minorities on the perils of climate change, and how we can do our part to minimize our impact. 

He has mentored young African-American males and is working within our systems of change to impact the systemic policies and inequities that bring about broken families and lessen the opportunities that are our birthright as Americans. Within the corporate environment, he has been apart of a resource group that seeks professional employment opportunities for African-American employment specifically targeting HBCUs. 

Share Your Experience 
Contact Kent Wyatt, Communications Manager,

PSAB Meetings
Public Safety Advisory Board (PSAB) will meet the 2nd and 4th Mondays from 5-7 p.m. beginning January 11. See the YouTube playlist here.

Message from the Mayor
Tigard must become a vibrant, diverse, and livable community that fosters innovation, enriches the lives of all its residents, and embraces intentional community engagement. Read more in the Mayor's Message.

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