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  • 2020 Summer Reading at Tigard Public Library

Tigard Public Library

Summer Reading 2020

Kids! Teens! Adults!
Read for Fun! with the Tigard Library this Summer

Summer Reading 2020 Read
Find something enjoyable to read, then lose yourself in a book! Look for a good book at, at a summer meal site, or read anything you can find around the house! This year, no registration is required.

Explore & Learn
Download a pdf of our all ages flyer, and try some of the challenges listed. Take a look at our programs page, and join in a virtual event.

You can also give one of our August weekly activities a go.
  • August 3-9 
    Post-It Pattern: Create an image in your window out of sticky notes. 

  • August 10-16 
    Draw a picture of yourself as your favorite book character. 
  • August 17-23 
    Learn to play Curb Ball!  

  • August 24-30 
    Lightning round! Recreate a scene from a favorite book you read this summer. Perform it live in one minute or less for your friends, or create a 60-second video! 

If you want to do a little more, read it forward! Tell us what you’ve been reading this summer, then tag us on social media using the hashtags #ReadItForwardTPL and #ReadForFun or send us an email to Our Friends of the Tigard Library group will celebrate your reading with a donation to a local organization. 

After the building is open again, bring your summer reading flyer into the Tigard Library to get a free book for everyone in your household. Please be patient! We will be reopening slowly and safely, so it may take a little while as we prepare to distribute prize books.

Summer Reading Activities You Might Have Missed

  • Week of June 1-7
    DIY Bug Hotel - Build a bug hotel for the creatures in your yard using materials you can find around your house! For inspiration, here is a website:
  • Week of June 8-14
    Create it Forward! - Pick a quote from a book you love, create a note or piece of art with it and leave it somewhere to brighten a stranger’s day.
  • Week of June 15-21
    Paper Football - Did you know you can play football inside? Grab a buddy, a sheet of paper, and use these instructions to learn how.
  • Week of June 22-28
    Paper Airplane Olympics - Try your hand at folding paper airplanes. Which ones go the farthest? Which ones stay in the air the longest? Which ones do the most loops?
  • Week of June 29-July 5
    Finding Faces
    Get outside and take pictures of faces you find in everyday objects or in nature.
  • Week of July 6-12 
    Create your own puzzle
    by cutting up a drawing, picture, or postcard into different shapes.
  • Week of July 13-19 
    Build a pillow fort in the living room! 
  • Week of July 20-26 
    Trace someone’s shadow with chalk. 
  • July 27-August 2 
    Draw a court and learn how to play
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