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  • Shred Event at City Hall

Tigard Police Department

Free Document Shredding

Law enforcement strongly encourages residents and businesses to cross-shred paperwork containing personal and sensitive information to reduce the risk of identity theft. To make it easier for residents to shred sensitive documents, the Tigard Police Department typically holds an annual Shred Event.

An event planned for September 2021 has been postponed. We require around 10-15 volunteers to make this event happen, including police cadets who are teenagers. Even though the event will be held outside, we have decided to postpone the event out of an abundance of caution for volunteers given the recent increase in COVID cases and transmissibility of the variant. 

Identity Theft Prevention Tips:

  • Read your bank and credit card statements carefully and often. Immediately look into suspicious charges on your accounts. 
  • Cross-shred any documents containing sensitive information. 
  • Use long, hard-to-guess passphrases for your accounts that include numbers and special characters. Do not recycle passwords or use the same passphrase on multiple accounts.  
  • Check your free credit reports annually to ensure that no one has taken out a loan in your name. Find out more here
  • Freeze your credit reports OR use a credit monitoring service. 
  • Do not provide personal information in response to unsolicited phone calls, emails, social media DMs or text messages. 
  • Install the latest software updates on your electronic devices.
  • Use a VPN. 
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