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  • Shred Event at City Hall

Tigard Police Department

Free Document Shredding

Law enforcement strongly encourages residents and businesses to cross-shred paperwork containing personal and sensitive information to reduce the risk of identity theft. 

The Tigard Police Department in partnership with Pride Recycling is offering a free shred event, which allows residents to securely dispose of paper documents containing personal information. We are tentatively planning to host a Shred event in September 2021. Details will be forthcoming. 

Identity Theft Prevention Tips:

  • Read your bank and credit card statements carefully and often. Immediately look into suspicious charges on your accounts. 
  • Cross-shred any documents containing sensitive information. 
  • Use long, hard-to-guess passphrases for your accounts that include numbers and special characters. Do not recycle passwords or use the same passphrase on multiple accounts.  
  • Check your free credit reports annually to ensure that no one has taken out a loan in your name. Find out more here
  • Freeze your credit reports OR use a credit monitoring service. 
  • Do not provide personal information in response to unsolicited phone calls, emails, social media DMs or text messages. 
  • Install the latest software updates on your electronic devices.
  • Use a VPN. 
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