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Tigard Community Policing

Bike Patrol Team

Tigard Police Bike Patrol Team
To support the city’s strategic efforts to promote walking and its popular trail network, the Tigard Police Department is revitalizing its bicycle patrol team. The patrol team’s goal is to enhance the safety of citizens on the trails throughout the city.

In years past, Tigard police had a number of patrol bikes and certified riders, but no formal team. With the city’s new Strategic Plan as a motivator, bike patrol officers have been identified and trained, and the police bicycles are ready to ride.
Bike patrol
The bicycle patrol team will only be deployed when adequate staffing levels permit. The bicycle patrol is not meant to supplant day-to-day patrol operations, but rather address safety and the importance of a police presence on Tigard’s trail network.

Training for bike patrols
Bicycle patrol officers recently created a bicycle patrol course to help them train and condition. New riders spent 32 hours learning the finer points of bicycle patrol, including basic maintenance, bike handling and how to use the bike as a law enforcement tool if necessary.

Another training class will be conducted in July. Once completed, 15 officers will be certified for bicycle patrol. Bicycle patrol officers will ride in pairs and ideally for four-hour shifts. The team will focus along trails and sidewalks from Scholls Ferry Road to Cook Park at various times and days.

The patrol team is expected to grow. Bike patrols will allow officers a better opportunity to interact with citizens, stay conditioned and learn more about the city’s neighborhoods and their unique needs.

Inquiries regarding this information can be directed to Lt. Brad Sitton at 503-718-2571.

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