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  • Opportunity Cafe

City of Tigard

Opportunity Cafe

Tigard’s Opportunity Café is a business incubator providing an entrepreneur critical ingredients like space and advising to start their business. 

The 400 square foot micro-café located in the Tigard Public Library is a key asset in an economic mobility program reducing start-up costs for first-time entrepreneurs. It also gives Library patrons their #1 most requested improvement, a café! 

Every two years, possibly more frequently, a new entrepreneur will be invited into this space to launch their business. The products and people you meet here will change over time as entrepreneurs learn how to run a business, perfect their craft, and advance to new opportunities.

Thanks to Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO) for partnering with us to launch and manage this business incubator.  MESO will advise and give guidance to each entrepreneur as they grow their business.

Meet the Entrepreneur
Starting September 2021, you will see the Opportunity Café transform into El Cuadrilatero, a new eatery run by entrepreneur Israel Martinez. We’ll share more details soon! 


Staff Contact
Lloyd Purdy
Economic Development Manager

Tigard Public Library
13500 SW Hall Blvd.

Meet Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO)
MESO offers ongoing business advising, credit building and an individual development savings account as part of their support for entrepreneurs of color. MESO has a successful history delivering results when working with traditionally under-served entrepreneurs, immigrants and entrepreneurs of color. 

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