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Complete Streets

Complete Streets Policy Vision
“What do we imagine Tigard’s transportation system looking like in 20 years?”
The Complete Streets Policy envisions Tigard as a vibrant and healthy community where people of all ages and abilities can travel safely, efficiently and comfortably on a well-connected and optimized multi-modal network of roads, trails, and paths.

During the fall of 2018, the City of Tigard kicked-off a process to develop a Complete Streets Policy and Implementation Plan to move us towards this goal.

Tigard’s Complete Streets Policy will:

  • Formalize Tigard’s commitment to scoping, designing, building, and maintaining transportation facilities and network to serve all travel modes and users and abilities,
  • Provide needed transportation policy guidance to bridge the gap between Tigard’s current auto-oriented urban form and the vision laid out in Tigard’s Strategic Plan, and
  • Identify goals and priority actions as part of the Tigard Complete Streets Implementation Plan.

What are “Complete Streets?”
Simply put, a street is complete if it provides the design and infrastructure elements required to serve each mode of travel whether on foot, by bicycle, on transit, or in an automobile. With foundations in the concept of equity, Complete Streets policies help to ensure that all road users, including our most vulnerable, are provided with the facilities and tools they need to safely navigate city streets, sidewalks, and off-street paths. This does not necessarily mean a sidewalk and bike lane on every street though – individual street context is important and the policy will allow for a range of designs that provide safe streets for all users.

Who is Involved?
Community Development staff are leading an interdepartmental city work group with oversight and input by the citizen-run Tigard Transportation Advisory Committee (TTAC). The process is being facilitated by an outside Complete Streets policy expert consultant.  

How Can You Be Involved?
We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions! There are two great ways to get involved:

  1. Send comments and suggestions to Sr. Transportation Planner Dave Roth at
  2. Attend a Tigard Transportation Advisory Committee (TTAC) meeting and learn more about the project and process. The TTAC meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Red Rock Creek Conference Room located at City Hall (13125 SW Hall Blvd.).

What is the Project Schedule?
The project is comprised of three phases:

  • Phase 1 (Oct 2018 – Jan 2019) includes the creation of a Complete Streets Vision Statement, and Complete Streets Best Practices and Case Studies Report.
  • Phase 2 (Jan 2019 – Mar 2019) will see an inventory of current city policies, plans, standards, and practices to be compiled into an Existing Conditions and Needs Report.
  • Phase 3 (Mar 2019 – May 2019) will end with a Complete Streets Policy and Implementation Plan to be brought forward to City Council.

Dave Roth
Senior Transportation Planner
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