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Parks and Recreation Fee

The Parks and Recreation Fee is a charge paid by Tigard residents and businesses on their monthly utility bill. The General Fund and Parks and Recreation Fee both contribute to a utility fund which pays for park maintenance and recreation services in Tigard.

The revenue generated by the fee allows the city to provide exceptional outdoor recreation and educational experiences for Tigard residents and visitors, and to maintain and enhance the spectacular trails, parks and natural areas surrounding the city.

How Much is the Fee?

Effective May 1, 2019, the Parks & Recreation Fee will increase by $0.52 per month. This increase ensures the Recreation Program will continue.

A typical residential customer who receives a utility statement from the City of Tigard is charged $4.69 per month. Typical non-residential customers are charged approximately $11 per month.

What is covered by the fee?

The Fee covers about 30% of the cost to provide parks and recreation services in Tigard. Two Public Works divisions are funded by the Parks Utility Fund: Park Maintenance and Recreation.

  • The Park Maintenance Program provides opportunities for people to connect with the city’s beautiful outdoor places and spaces. The green canopy and urban playgrounds that surrounds us is a first point of contact for residents and visitors to our city. Our picnic shelters and playgrounds are the backdrop in family photos. Our parks provide children with some of their earliest memories of being outside in nature. Learn more about our parks.
  • The Recreation Program provides opportunities for us to connect with each other. Providing the spaces and events that bring residents together, helps to achieve the city’s vision for healthy and interconnected lives. It also helps us to create an engaged, safe and connected community. Popular events include movies and concerts in the park, in addition to classes and activities for people of all ages. Learn more about recreation.

Why was the fee adopted?

As the city’s land portfolio grows, funding has not kept pace with development, maintenance and programming needs. Property tax revenues are not enough to meet the financial obligations for parks and recreation and the city’s general fund supports multiple core programs and services, limiting it as a resource for Parks and Recreation.

Constrained funding has required the department to reduce and defer parks and trail maintenance and repairs and required staff and program reductions. 

To keep the city’s commitment to protect clean water and natural areas, and connect people with nature, the Parks and Recreation Fee was implemented on April 1, 2016.

On May 1, 2019 the fee will increase to ensure the Recreation Program will continue. Support from the General Fund was reduced to the point that the program was not sustainable for the future. The lost funding will be replaced with an increase in the fee of $0.52 per month, dedicated solely to Recreation.

Key Staff
 Toby LaFrance
 Finance Director
 503-718-2406 | Email

 Steve Martin
 Park and Facilities Manager
 503-718-2583 | Email 

Recreation Programming, Including Community Events, to Continue in Tigard

In April, Tigard City Council voted unanimously to fund the Recreation Program. Customers will benefit from increased programming this summer including additional events like concerts, pop up recreation activities and movies in the park.

The recreation program was originally set to be eliminated on June 30, 2019. The community, including the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB), rallied behind finding a way to continue offering recreation programming.

“We believe that recreation is an essential city service, and contributes greatly to the quality of life in the community,” said PRAB Chair Wayne Gross.

Recreation will be supported by an increase in the Parks and Recreation Fee. In Tigard, Parks and Recreation are funded by both the General Fund and funds collected through the Parks and Recreation Fee. Last year, the fee accounted for approximately 30% of the funding for both Parks and Recreation. Recreation support from the General Fund was reduced this year, and the program was not sustainable for the future. To ensure the program will continue, the lost funding will be replaced with an increase in the fee of $.52 per month, dedicated solely to recreation.

Since the recreation program began in December of 2015, it’s been clear that recreation events and programming offer a great opportunity for creating community connections.

“It’s no secret that the Tigard community enjoys living and working in a community with community events, trails, and natural beauty.  Continuing recreation aligns with the city’s vision for connecting our community through the events and programs implemented by the Parks & Rec program,” said Public Works Director Brian Rager.

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