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City of Tigard

Parks and Trails

Cook Park  | Summerlake Park  | Dirksen Nature Park | Fanno Creek Park | Metzger School Park

Utility Rate Increase effective July 1
Tigard utility rates will increase on July 1, 2021 to protect public health and maintain city infrastructure. For a typical household, bills will increase $9 per month. We understand this is a difficult time to raise rates. We continue to pursue actions to keep rates as low as possible and to ensure help is available to those who need it.

Money Saving Measures---
Water Reuse at Cook Park -
The use of reclaimed water for landscape irrigation will be expanded in Cook Park. Not only does reusing water save money, it saves fresh drinking water too!

Improved Efficiency and Accountability
Increased staffing this year means utility workers can focus on maintenance tasks like:

  • Troubleshooting and testing irrigation systems earlier in the spring to fix leaks and improve water efficiency.
  • Increased field maintenance, which means less herbicide is purchased and applied to formal sports fields. Healthy fields benefit from the labor and expertise it takes to adhere to a strong turfgrass maintenance schedule (regular soil testing, fertilization, over-seeding, aerification, mowing, irrigation, top dressing, etc.).
  • Expanding maintenance for open spaces, natural areas, and trails.
  • Tree care, new expertise on staff means the city can reduce the amount of work hired out to contractors.

Investing in our future. Find a park improvement project near you 
Questions or comments?  Contact us
See how your money is invested: Learn more here

Small Tot Lot Playground at Cook Park Being Replaced
Posted: 5/27/21, 9:01 a.m.

  • Work will include: demolition of the old play structure by our team and construction of the new equipment and surfacing by our contractor.
  • What you can expect during construction: work hours will be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., construction noise over the next few weeks during work hours, construction vehicles hauling material to and from the site
  • Features of the new playground: inclusive play design and ADA accessible play structure and surfacing 


Community Gardens

There are three community gardens in Tigard:Garden hose

  • Greenfield Community Garden
  • Jack Park Community Garden
  • Metzger Community Garden

Learn more about the community gardens.

Dog Parks

* Tigard Dog Parks are all open *

There are three dog parks in Tigard:Dog Park

  • Ash Avenue Dog Park
  • Potso Dog Park
  • Summerlake Dog Park

Learn more about Tigard Dog Parks.

Fanno Creek House

Overview: Part of Fanno Creek Park, this special use area is situated on a 1.6-acre property along Fanno Creek. Small- to medium-sized events may be held at this site.
Location: 13335 SW Hall Boulevard
Features: Details here
Reservations: Contact Kaitlyn Leaf, Recreation Coordinator at 503-718-2604 

Fanno Creek House

Future and Undeveloped Parks


Undeveloped parks currently serve as natural areas. These parks are earmarked for future development, and the park planning process is either underway or completed.

Bagan Park -
10910 SW Greenburg Road
About an acre of this 3-acre future neighborhood park could be developed. The rest of the site—comprised of a small creek and wetlands—will remain green space. Currently, parking is not available at this site. For more planning details, see the Bagan Park page.

Fields Natural Area -
Located just to the east of the Tigard Public Library
Located in the heart of Tigard, about 10 acres of the 26-acre site consists of open field areas; the remainder of the site is wooded. The Fanno Creek floodplain overlaps the western and southern boundaries of the property. The property is unique, not only for its size, but also because it will someday provide a link to other segments of the Fanno Creek Trail. For more information, see the Fields Natural Area page.

Steve Street Property -
SW 84th Avenue and SW Steve Street

This future neighborhood park includes a grassy field area and a small, wooded wetland. Conceptual planning is underway to determine future park improvements. For more planning details, see the Steve Street Property page.

Sunrise Park -
150th Avenue and Sunrise Lane
Comprised of open space and wooded slopes, this future community park is located in Tigard on the north side of Bull Mountain and will link Cach Nature Park and the Westside Powerline Trail corridor. Future park features could include sports fields, pathways, parking and a sports court, a play structure, restroom, shelter and overlook. For more planning details, see the Sunrise Park page.

Undeveloped parks currently serve as natural areas. While earmarked for future development, there are no plans to develop these parks in the near future. No park planning has been done.

Cach Nature Park -
Baker Lane (north side of Bull Mountain)
Comprised of open space and wooded slopes, this 16-acre natural area park has limited access. Currently, parking is not available at this site.

Lasich Lane Property
The City of Tigard has purchased property for the first of two community parks planned in the River Terrace area, using funds from a voter-approved parks levy bond that residents approved in 2010 and dedicated revenue from development fees that support parks citywide. The 28.4-acre property is located on the west side of Roy Rogers Road, where it intersects with Beef Bend Road. It lies directly north of the Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge. The property lies outside the city limits and the urban growth boundary (UGB). City planners expect the property will be brought into that boundary in the future. Until then, the city cannot fully develop the park, but may be able to open it for some recreation activities in a few years. Currently, there is no public access.

Pocket Parks

Commercial Park
Bordered by SW Commercial Street, SW Pacific Highway, and SW Center Street
This half-acre park near Downtown Tigard has a small play structure and a trail connecting Commercial Street and Center Street.

Liberty Park
North end of Main Street near the intersection with Pacific Highway
This park provides green space in the midst of Downtown Tigard and is the site of the annual holiday tree lighting ceremony.
Main Street Park
South end of Main Street near the intersection with Pacific Highway
This park provides green space in the midst of Downtown Tigard.

Windmill Park
Corner of 121st Avenue and Katherine Street
Built around the turn of the century to pump water on the Wood-Christensen farm, this historic windmill has been a Tigard landmark for years. The windmill, preserved on its original site, is a visible link to Tigard's agricultural past.

Skate Park

Tigard Skatepark
Jim Griffith Memorial Skate Park
Location: 13125 SW Hall Blvd; Tigard (City Hall parking lot) Aerial view 
Hours of Operation: Dawn to dusk
Two large flow bowls,  mini bowl, concrete dinosaur, rotating volcano top, and street features. The Jim Griffith Memorial Skate Park is popular with skaters of all ages and skill levels. The park was named in honor of former Tigard Mayor Jim Griffith who was an advocate for Tigard youth and the skate park project. 

Trails in Tigard

Walking Maps

Help us support Tigard’s vision of being an equitable community that is walkable, healthy, and accessible for everyone.

Please consider walking to our parks:

» Cook Park Walking Map
» Summerlake Park Walking Map
» Dirksen Nature Park Walking Map

Public Works Dept. | 503-718-2591

Park shelter and facility reservations reopen on Monday, June 14, at 9 a.m. Please follow all current Oregon Health Authority guidelines during your rental. NOTE: Fanno Creek House, Cook Park Shelter #3, and Dirksen Nature Park Picnic Shelter remain closed until further notice.

» Shelter/Sports Fields Reservations
» Fanno Creek House

Fanno Creek House Exterior

Parks Map available at Public Works and City Hall counters
Citywide Parks Map

Are you looking forward to exploring Tigard's parks this fall? Come by and pick up a parks map today at either Public Works or City Hall.
Overview Map | View Insets

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