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  • Tigard Neighborhoods

City of Tigard

Tigard Neighborhoods

Tigard’s vision to be a more walkable, connected community takes place every day where our residents call home—in their own neighborhoods. The city boasts 14 unique neighborhood communities, each with amenities and destinations like parks, trails, schools and businesses that make them special.

To promote these areas, the city allows residents opportunities to address neighborhood concerns and promote connections through neighborhood Facebook pages. These allow residents to build community online and share useful neighborhood news. Each page is managed by a resident volunteer of that neighborhood.

Boundary Map
The city is divided into 14 neighborhoods organized around elementary school boundaries and major transportation routes. A neighborhood boundary map may be viewed in two versions:  
Printable Map | Interactive Map

A New Look to Neighborhood Communications

The city promotes Facebook pages for 13 of the city’s 14 neighborhoods. Connecting with your friends and neighbors has never been easier. See where you live by clicking on the network map and then friend or like the page. Start posting news with your neighborhood and sharing ways residents can be involved in their community.

Neighborhood Web Sites
» Summerlake - Scholls (Area 1)
» Englewood Park (Area 2)
» Greenburg Road (Area 3)
» North Tigard (Area 4)
» Tigard Triangle (Area 5)
» Downtown (Area 6)
» Durham Road (Area 7)
» Southview (Area 8)
» Cook Park (Area 9)
» Derry Dell (Area 10)
» Jack Park (Area 11)
» Bull Mountain (Area 12)
» West Tigard (Area 13)
» River Terrace (Area 14)

Nadine Robinson
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Committee for Community Engagement (CCE)
The CCE is having virtual meetings every other month for the foreseeable future.  Meeting agendas and meeting minutes are available. 

Committee Overview
Provides oversight and direction on program design for citywide community engagement activities.
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