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  • Metzger Amphitheatre


Metzger School Park

COVID-19 Update
Tigard Parks Remain Open | Physical Distancing is Required

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What’s New?
After finding funding for an artificial turf soccer field, the city found that the vision for the Park no longer aligned with the community desires. This project is on indefinite hold until funding can be found to redesign the park.


A joint-use intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between the City of Tigard and Tigard-Tualatin School District was unanimously approved by Tigard City Council on September 22, 2015. Through this IGA, the city will initiate site improvements and provide higher levels of maintenance, so the athletic fields can be utilized as an open park when the area is not needed for school functions.

Since the IGA has been finalized, the City of Tigard and the community are working together to redevelop this space into a public park and outdoor destination spot, which will provide much-needed recreation in north Tigard.


Neighbors, parents, students, and faculty were encouraged to participate in shaping this new outdoor destination spot in north Tigard. The city hosted two community workshops and an open house to engage the local community and receive input on a vision for this future park. Meeting participants expressed a desire to see elements that evoke a sense of wonder and motivate the imagination.

First Community Workshop: Held at Olsen Woods (a Community Partners for Affordable Housing location) and in three languages, this workshop provided creative and interactive ways for residents to get involved in the design process.

Second Community Workshop: Facilitated by 15 super-volunteers, this workshop garnered a lot of excitement with over 20 in attendance.

Metzger Elementary Back-to-School Night: Based on the design elements chosen from the workshops and over 90 surveys, three design alternatives were presented. Parents, students, and residents were asked to put stickers next to their favorite ideas. Lots of excitement was generated from this process.

Metzger Park

Student Art: Metzger Elementary School students were asked to share what they would like to see in their School Park. Click here to see their list.

Lauren Scott
Community Engagement Coordinator

Park Location
10350 SW Lincoln St.

Community Gardens
Now Accepting Reservations
The Metzger School Community Garden was completed as part of a partnership between the City of Tigard, Tigard-Tualatin School District and SupaFresh Youth Farm. Several volunteers have also devoted time and effort to the project.

Northwest corner of Metzger Elementary School Campus
Gardening Season Rules for Metzger Community Gardens

Reserve a Community Garden Plot:


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