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Historic Tigard

Curtis Tigard Smiling Reading RoomCurtis Tigard, whose grandfather Wilson M. Tigard founded our city in 1852, sat down with cameras rolling on October 1, 2010 and recalled some great tales for use as a historical record. Mr. Tigard was born in 1909, and as you'll see in the video, he is witty, conversant and very sharp as he recalls magical moments of his boyhood in Tigard in the early 1900's. 

Hunting skunks at the foot of Bull Mountain, swimming in Fanno Creek behind where the library now sits, catching crawdads in the Tualatin River, walking six miles to and from high school fueled by six maple bars after football practice are just some of the stories you'll hear. He also discusses finding a job during the Great Depression and how his wife helped the founding of Cook Park half a century ago.

The interview was conducted, appropriately, in his uncle's home, the John Tigard House (now the Tigard Historical Association,) which was saved from demolition in the 1970's. The home was moved over 30 years ago and sits on the corner of SW Canterbury Lane and SW 103rd in Tigard.

Historic Sites in Tigard

grange Historic Overlay District
The City of Tigard has a Historic Overlay District which aims to:

    • Protect, enhance and perpetuate sites which represent or reflect the City's cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history.
    • Promote the use of these historic sites for various reasons including, but not limited to, education, pleasure, and public welfare.
Currently, there are ten existing historic and cultural sites throughout the City.  Check out the story map tool to view Tigard's historic properties.

Property owners may apply to have their property included in the Historic Overlay District by following the process outlined here. For more information please contact our planning staff at 503-718-2421.

Travels to the Past

travels to the pastTravels to the Past is a rich interactive map of historic locations, places of interest and significant events that have helped to shape and define the community of Tigard from the 1850s to the near present. 

The historic images and location descriptions for Travels to the Past were selected and researched from materials contained in the Tigard Public Library's Local History Room.

Story Map Tool
Check out the story map tool to view Tigard's historic locations, places of interest and significant events.

The majority of the places that comprise Travels to the Past are locations identified as either a City of Tigard Designated Historic Site (see above) or are contained in the Washington County Cultural Resources Inventory.

John Tigard House

John Tigard constructed the three room 1880 Carpenter Gothic Victorian house in 1880 at the corner of what is now Pacific Highway and Gaarde Street. The house was threatened with demolition in the late 1970's, but due to the efforts of the Tigard Historical Association, the house was restored. In 1979, the house was entered in the National Register of Historic Places and now resides at the corner of SW Canterbury Lane and SW 103rd in Tigard. The Tigard Historical Association operates the house.
Old Photos to Share?
Do you have an old Tigard photograph you'd like to see included in Travels to the Past?

Please contact Sean Garvey, Adult Services Librarian at the Tigard Public Library at 503-684-6537.


The Tigard Public Library's Local History Room is open to the public on designated days or by appointment.
The City is not aware of any copyrights asserted over these photos. If you know otherwise, please contact us with copyright details:
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