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Parks in Tigard

Dirksen Nature Park

Wander Walks
The city of Tigard, in collaboration with the national non-profit organization Hike it Baby, and the Northwest family Daycation mobile app, is launching a new campaign for its parks called Wander Walks, or Caminatas Maravilla en Español. This campaign consists of a series of bilingual signs that invite families to participate in fun activities related to nature and the environment. Check them out in Cook Park and Dirksen Nature Park.

La ciudad de Tigard en colaboración con la organización nacional sin animo de lucro Hike it Baby, y la aplicación móvil Northwest family Daycation, lanza una nueva campaña para sus parques llamada Wander Walks, o Caminatas Maravilla en Español. Esta campaña consiste en una serie de letreritos bilingües que invitan a las familias a participar en actividades divertidas relacionadas con la naturaleza y el medio ambiente, la ciudad ya ha instalado estos letreritos en los parques Cook y Dirksen, y pronto también en Summer Lake.

Wander Walks
Dirksen Nature Park Overview
Dirksen Nature Park Play StructureThe large nature play is designed for ages 5-12 years and features:

  • Multiple log climbers
  • Secret rock cave
  • Sloping rock climber
  • Vertical climbing log with handholds
  • Carved chair
  • Living willow tunnel

The small nature play area is designed for toddlers and features beaver habitat, including: 

  • A swimming beaver and a beaver set on a log (fun to climb on)
  • A beaver lodge with building poles: gather sticks to build your own lodge
  • Climber logs

Dirksen Nature Park: Small Nature Play Area for toddlers

Dirksen Nature Park Overview

In 2010, the city purchased a 48-acre property near Fowler Middle School. The property is to become Tigard's second largest park and offers a mix of mature forest, wetlands, and open space. The area is home to turtles, frogs, salamanders, red-tailed hawks, owls and herons.

The park is bordered by Fowler Middle School to the south, Tiedeman Avenue to the east, and Tigard Street to the north. Fanno Creek and its tributary, Summer Creek, flow through the site, which serves as an outdoor classroom for environmental education.

The park was named in honor of former mayor Craig Dirksen who was a proponent for the acquisition of park land and open space.

Initial improvements, including upgrades to the existing education building and construction of a picnic shelter, restroom, and trails, will be underway in 2015. Long-term plans for park development include street and ball field improvements, additional trails, and natural play areas.
Features & Highlights:

  • Ball field rentals
  • Natural area
  • Education building
  • Outdoor fitness equipment

2013 Preliminary Plans for Dirksen Nature Park

The City of Tigard's Park and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) recommended the adoption of the conceptual master plan for Dirksen Nature Park (formerly the Summer Creek property) in 2012. 
Public Works Dept. | 503-718-2591
11130 SW Tiedeman Avenue

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Dawn to Dusk

Dirksen Facilities Map
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