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Weekly Construction Update
April 24, 2019
Here is a summary of the work happening on the various construction projects affecting streets around the city.  Please feel free to contact Christina Zellmer with any questions or concerns. 

Tigard High School - Contractor working on installation of domestic water line on 92nd Ave. to serve new buildings on campus. Expect light to moderate traffic impacts along 92nd Ave. / SW Durham Rd. near Tigard High School.

Pavement Repair - City crews are out saw cutting and paving in Picks Landing, Bull Mountain, and the City Hall parking lot. This is in preparation for slurry seal this summer.

Bull Mountain Road - Washington County is adding a 5-foot sidewalk on the east side of Bull Mountain Road, between Nemarnik Drive and 155th Terrace, and on the north side of Bull Mountain Road, between 155th Terrace and Grandview Lane. Construction has begun with an anticipated completion date of July 15. Traffic will be reduced to one lane intermittently, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays. See for more information.

Beef Bend east of Roy Rogers Road - Construction is ongoing on the sewer line being installed on Beef Bend Road. Beef Bend Road has been reopened but will have flagged lane closures during the day while the crews clean up. They will return in late spring/early summer to repave the road. Visit for more information.

OR 99W Sidewalk Project: SW Royalty Parkway to SW Durham Road - ODOT, in partnership with King City, plans to construct new sidewalk on OR 99W (Pacific Highway) and on SW Royalty Parkway. Work has begun and is expected to continue through May. During construction, road users should expect daytime and nighttime work. There will be single-lane and shoulder closures on OR 99W and on Royalty Parkway as well as short-term sidewalk closures, with ADA-approved pedestrian detours. Nearby residents may hear intermittent nighttime noise. More information can be found on the project website at

Cook Park Sewer Line - A portion of Clean Water Services’ West Durham Basin Improvement Program has started at Cook Park. The project is replacing aging sewer interceptor pipes that help control water flow with larger, more resilient pipes to improve wastewater capacity. Truck traffic, trail closures and detours at the park are planned through April 2019. The east parking lot has been repaved and is now open. The west parking lot will remain under construction until June 2019. Work began near the wastewater plant and progresses westward. More info is on the CWS website:

Fanno Creek Trail – Woodard Park to Tiedeman Ave - The new bridge and trail connecting the Fanno Creek Trail straight from Woodard Park across the creek to the existing crosswalk on Tiedeman Avenue is now open.  This project completed a missing link of the Fanno Creek Greenway Trail, provided an ADA accessible route where it did not exist before, increased trail safety by lining the trail up with a safe crosswalk, and provided a very clear definition of the regional trail route at Tiedeman Avenue. Most of the project was paid for with a generous $800,000 grant from Metro. Upcoming projects in this location include safety changes at the crosswalk, adding refuge islands and more visible lighting.  As soon as a long enough stretch of rain free weather happens, a new mural will also be painted on the retaining wall and bridge foundation to add character to the trail and to help discourage graffiti.

Dirksen Nature Park - Construction is in the final stages on a nature play area in Dirksen Nature Park south of Tigard Street. The Fanno Creek Trail and the Nature Park are open. The restroom facility is open. Portions of the trail and park may have short-term closures as construction wraps up. The new playground structure has been installed.

River Terrace Area Construction

  • River Terrace subdivisions are under construction particularly on the east side of Roy Rogers Rd south of Scholls Ferry Rd. If you have any questions, please contact Mike White at 503-718-2464.
  • A contractor is building a new subdivision on the west side of 150th Ave south of Hawksridge.  Utility work (with traffic delays) is in progress in 150th Ave. 
  • Bull Mountain Road Widening and Traffic Signal Construction: Bull Mountain Road (from 164th to Roy Rogers Rd) is open with a new roundabout at the future River Terrace Blvd, and a traffic signal at Bull Mountain and Roy Rogers Road. Visit for information and updates.
  • There are other significant road, sewer and water projects underway or planned in the area. Visit for information and updates.

Hwy 217 Auxiliary Lanes - The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is designing a project to add an auxiliary third lane on Hwy 217 southbound from Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy to Hwy 99W, and Hwy 217 northbound from Hwy 99W to Scholls Ferry Rd.  More information is on the project website at 

Fanno Creek Trail (Woodard Park to Bonita and Hall Blvd to Tualatin) - Design work is in progress on a project to build the remaining segments of the Fanno Creek Trail from Woodard Park to Bonita Road and build a new connection from the end of 85th Avenue (Hall Boulevard) to the Tualatin Bridge.  Contact Carla Staedter at 503-718-2788, or with any questions. 

SW 150th Ave – Stonegate Subdivision
A developer is constructing a subdivision just south of Bull Mtn. Rd. on SW 150th Ave. It requires water and road work with flagging in SW 150th which is a Washington County Road. 

69th Avenue - Hampton Inn - A Hampton Inn is being constructed on 69th Avenue at Clinton Street. 69th Avenue is closed to traffic from SW Baylor Street to SW Clinton Street until May 3rd.  

Oak Street near 90th Avenue - A contractor is working on Oak Street near 90th Avenue for a new apartment complex. Daytime delays likely.

76th and 79th Avenues south of Bonita Road - A developer is constructing the Elderberry Ridge subdivision on the south end of 76th Ave east of 79th Ave south of Bonita Road. The contractor is paving 79th Ave. Daytime delays expected while paving is in progress. Traffic impacts expected on 79th Ave.

Tiedeman Avenue and Tigard Street - A developer is building a new subdivision on Tigard Street east of Tiedeman Avenue.  The contractor is installing storm line in Tigard Street between Tiedeman and Katherine streets. Expect delays on Tigard Street. 

68th Parkway south of Hwy 99W - A developer is building a new self-storage facility on the west side of 68th Parkway south of Highway 99W. Sidewalk improvements along 68th Parkway will be beginning soon. Some delays possible.

SW 150th Ave south of Hawk Ridge Drive - A developer is building a 180-lot subdivision on SW 150th Ave south of Hawk Ridge Drive. No impacts to traffic expected.

SW 121st Ave south of Springwood Drive - A developer is building a 17-lot subdivision on SW 121st Ave south of Springwood Drive. Work is nearing completion. Pavement work has been completed and no further traffic impacts are expected.

72nd Avenue between Clinton St and Baylor St - A developer is building a new 37-unit apartment building on the east side of 72nd Ave between Clinton St and Baylor St.  Building foundation and concrete piles finished. Expect light to moderate traffic impacts on 72nd Ave. between SW Clinton and SW Baylor as site work continues.

98th Ave between Greenburg Rd and Scott Ct - A developer is building a subdivision on 98th Avenue between Greenburg Rd and Scott Ct. Roadwork on 98th Avenue has been completed and no further traffic impacts are expected.

Hunziker Road – Fields Apartments - A developer is building apartments on Hunziker Rd and improvements include widening Hunziker Rd. Single lane closures may occur midday, while the crews work to locate a waterline. 

Atlanta Street – Tigard Storage - A sanitary line is being installed at the Tigard Storage on Atlanta Street. Possible light traffic impacts on Atlanta Street.

114th Place - A new subdivision is being installed on 114th Place north of North Dakota Street. Some traffic impacts expected on North Dakota Street and 114th Place.

School Construction - Construction continues on Templeton Elementary School and on the new Durham Center education services building near Durham Elementary School. 


Learn more about the city’s slurry seal project 
Watch this video to learn more about how the slurry seal process keeps the city’s streets safe and saves residents money.  


Construction Hours
Noise from construction activities are exempt from sound limits between the hours of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.  Authority: Tigard Municipal Code Chapter: Nuisances Affecting Public Health, Safety and Peace, Section 6.02.450

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Active Permits
Tigard Active Permits 
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Did you know...
Both Hall Boulevard and Hwy 99W in Tigard are State Highways maintained by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). Questions or issues regarding their maintenance can be directed to the ODOT District 2B Maintenance Office at 971-673-6200 or e-mail ODOT Staffer Lili D. Boicourt.

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