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City of Tigard

Volunteer Tigard!

Posted May 30, 2019
In the last few years, community members have asked how they can volunteer their skills to benefit the Tigard community. Creating volunteer opportunities is also a priority in our strategic vision “to become the most walkable community in the Pacific Northwest where people of all ages and abilities enjoy healthy and interconnected lives.”

With that in mind, we’re launching a pilot program, Volunteer Tigard! We’ll be offering one-time volunteer opportunities to put your knowledge, talent and energy into improving the community's quality of life.

Volunteer Project: Assist an 80-year old resident with code compliance.

Description: An 80-year old resident, who is battling health issues, needs help bringing her property into compliance with city code. Volunteers are needed to help remove high weeds, grass, and debris around the property. All tools and safety equipment will be provided.

Project Date: A work party (lasting two to four hours) will be held in early-to-mid June based on availability of volunteers.

Are you interested? Complete the brief application below to participate or to stay informed about upcoming volunteer opportunities. 

Your Name: 

Are you able to complete tasks involving (check all that apply):
 Light lifting and/or bending (20 lbs or less)
 Medium lifting and/or bending (21-49 lbs)
 Heavy lifting and/or bending (over 50 lbs)

Other Relevant Information - i.e. availability (dates/times)
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