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Community Planning


Zoning Map

The Tigard Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1983. In conformity with the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Map implements the Comprehensive Plan and guides development throughout the city. The map is intended as a general reference only and zoning designations should always be verified.

Tigard's Zoning Map is divided into districts designated for specific types of permitted developments and uses subject to the development requirements of each district. These districts are classified into Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Parks zoning designations as follows:

Code Chapter 18.510: Residential Zoning Districts
Low Density Zones:
R-1 (30,000 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size)
R-2 (20,000 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size)
R-3.5 (10,000 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size)
R-4.5 (7,500 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size)

Medium Density Zones:
R-7 (5,000 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size)
R-12 (3,050 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size)

Medium High and High Density Zones:
R-25 (1,480 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size)
R-40 (40 Units Per Acre)

Code Chapter 18.520: Commercial Zoning Districts
MUR-1  Mixed Use Residential 1
MUR-2  Mixed Use Residential 2
MU-CBD  Mixed Use Central Business District
C-C  Community Commercial
C-G  General Commercial
C-N  Neighborhood Commercial
C-P  Professional Commercial
MUC  Mixed Use Commercial
MUC-1  Mixed Use Commercial 1
MUE  Mixed Use Employment
MUE-1  Mixed Use Employment 1
MUE-2  Mixed Use Employment 2

Code Chapter 18.530: Industrial Zoning Districts

I-L  Light Industrial
I-P  Industrial Park
I-H  Heavy Industrial

Parks and Recreation Zone (PR) 
Code Chapter 18.540: Parks and Recreation Zone

Overlay Zones

  • Historic District Overlay – areas designated as historic/cultural sites or landmarks
  • Planned Development – areas that require or were approved through a planned development review, which includes a public hearing with the Tigard Planning Commission.  This review process allows flexibility on some development standards if the overall project design contributes to the character of the city and surrounding neighborhood.


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