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Instructions for Turning on Water at the Meter

Tools Needed: Screw Driver and Crescent Wrench

1. Locate your water meter. Water meters are typically installed inside concrete meter boxes and placed close to the street so it can be easily read by a utility staff member.

2. Remove the rectangle lid of the meter box then the collar around the edge of the box. A standard screw driver can be used to help lift the lid (pictured below).
Meter Lid

3. On the street side of the meter, locate the oblong knob (pictured below). This is the main shut-off valve also referred to as the angle stop.

Water Meter Shutoff

 4. The angle stop has two loops, one on each side. The middle of the angle stop is marked with an arrow, indicating the direction the water is flowing.

5. To turn water on, place the jaws of a crescent wrench over the angle stop with the handle sticking up. Insert a screw driver through the hole in the handle of the crescent wrench to create a tee handle (pictured below).
Water Meter Turn Off

6. Turn the screw driver, clockwise until both loops are on opposite sides, approximately 180 degrees (pictured below).
 water meter oblong knob

7. If the angle stop has not been operated in a long time, it could be locked up. Whatever you do, DO NOT FORCE THE ANGLE STOP. If it will not turn with a reasonable amount of pressure, call the City of Tigard Public Works Department at 503-718-2591 for a utility staff member to turn on the water at the meter for you.
Utility Billing Office

Public Works

After–Hours Emergencies
To report water, stormwater, sewer, street or park emergencies outside regular business hours, contact the after-hours answering service at 503-639-1554.
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