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Tigard on the Move

Transportation System Plan Update

What's New?
Help us map out Tigard’s Transportation Needs!
Click on the link above to be taken to our interactive map. Add your neighborhood’s transportation challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Tigard’s Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a roadmap for investments in our community’s shared transportation system; one that serves all road users including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, drivers, and freight. The TSP update will be guided by community input and will build off Tigard’s Strategic Vision and Complete Streets policy each aimed at supporting equitable access for road users of all ages and abilities.

What is a Transportation System Plan?

Prioritizing Community Values:
What are the community’s transportation goals and priorities? How can we integrate travel options into existing neighborhoods and new development in the future? These values will help evaluate and prioritize transportation projects both now and in the future.

Snapshot in Time:
This project looks at our existing transportation system and identifies deficiencies, needs, and opportunities. Does our transportation infrastructure and system meet the needs of our city today? Help us identify the broad range of needs in your neighborhood, specific geographic areas around the city, and connections to neighboring cities. We will use your input to better understand the system as it stands today.  

Planning for the Future:
What do we want our road and trail networks to look like in the future? How does technology, climate change, and economic development impact these goals? How should we spend our limited transportation dollars? Projects and programs identified in the TSP will be prioritized for completion over the short, medium, and long-term.


October – November 2020: Community input is needed to:

  • Set Goals & Objectives: Identify community needs/priorities and how the transportation system update can solve existing problems. Help us define how we want the city’s transportation network to look and how it should function in the future.
  • Document Existing Conditions: Ensure the existing conditions and deficiencies of the Tigard transportation system are documented. Help us identify neighborhood needs!

December 2020 - April 2021: The project team will work from feedback provided by the community to set goals and objects and analyze future conditions and needs.

  • Analyze Future Conditions & Needs: Identify the conditions that will impact Tigard’s transportation system in 2040, such as growth and changing demand.
  • Create Solutions & Strategies: Based on the data collected, transportation system solutions and strategies will be identified that can address future needs.

May 2021: Prioritizing types of projects for future funding based on goals set by the community.

  • Project Prioritization: which types of projects would you like to see prioritized and funded?
  • Develop a Financial Plan: When possible solutions have been identified, a funding plan will be created that is consistent with City revenue projections.

June - August 2021:  With input from the community the Transportation System Plan will be updated to reflect the community’s goals for the future of transportation in Tigard. The Plan will guide investments for the next ten years and capitalize on opportunities that arise from private development, grants, and Capital Improvement Project funds.


Q: Why update now?
A: The current Transportation System Plan was adopted in 2011, and a lot has changed in Tigard since then.

  • Transportation needs are different. Tigard is growing while transportation technology is also rapidly changing.
  • The transportation network has changed. We have completed construction or improvement of roads, added sidewalks and bike lanes, and added to our extensive trail system.
  • Regional and state transportation priorities have evolved. It’s time to look at our regional transit/transportation system, with many more people moving to Tigard or commuting to and from Tigard for employment.

Q: Will this plan build, fix and improve identified projects?
A: Yes, however it is a long-range plan. Some projects will take longer than others depending on a variety of factors including project cost and availability of funding. To be designed and built, TSP projects must be added to Tigard’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which is prioritized every other year. CIP projects are reliant on local funding and/or competitive funding available through regional, state, and federal programs. Alternatively, some TSP projects will be built incrementally through private development.

Tigard’s current Transportation System Plan, “TSP 2035,” was adopted in 2010 after a two-year planning process. TSP 2035 sets the policy framework for the city's transportation system. It includes specific strategies and projects that have guided transportation investments over the past decade.

The strategies range from access management, to connectivity improvements, to "smarter" traffic signals, and more. It identified over 140 transportation projects ranging from sidewalk infill to new freeway over-passes. Eligibility for outside funding from the region, the state, and the Federal government requires that projects be identified in the TSP.
Transportation funds are limited and highly competitive for large expensive projects. For this reason, the currently adopted TSP emphasizes making the most out of the existing transportation system through effective management and strategic investments such as improving or adding new street connections, new trails, sidewalks, bicycle facilities, intersection improvements, and enhancing transit service.  These improvements are aimed at providing safe and efficient transportation options for the community.

Dave Roth
Senior Transportation Planner
503-718-2457 |
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Transportation System Plan (TSP)
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