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Community Planning

2035 Transportation System Plan

In December 2010, the Tigard City Council adopted the 2035 Transportation System Plan (TSP) that links expected growth with transportation needs. This update is timely for two reasons. First, traffic congestion has consistently ranked as the number one issue facing Tigard in community attitude surveys and the city is committed to finding solutions to this issue. Secondly, the community has developed a vision for Tigard's future and a key component of this vision is developing an efficient and balanced multi-modal transportation system.

The 2035 TSP sets the policy framework for the city's transportation system. It includes a list of strategies and projects that will guide future investments. The strategies range from access management, to connectivity improvements, to "smarter" traffic signals. There are more than 140 identified transportation projects ranging from sidewalk infill to freeway over-passes. Identification of these transportation projects is important because in order to qualify for federal transportation funds they must be identified in the TSP.
Transportation funds are limited and highly competitive for large expensive projects. For this reason, a major theme of this TSP update is the need to make the most out of the existing transportation system. We believe this can be accomplished through effective management and strategic investments such as improved street connections, new trails, sidewalks, bicycle facilities, intersection improvements, and transit service. All of these improvements are aimed at providing safe and efficient transportation options for the community.

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Transportation System Plan (TSP)
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