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  • Transformation Commission

City of Tigard

Transformation Commission

Update (8/3, 7:01 am): Over 120 community members have provided input on the Transformation Commission. Council invites you to share your input by August 3.


In response to the killing of George Floyd, Mayor Snider challenged the entire Tigard community to join him on a journey to:

  • Eliminate institutional racism and ensure equity within all city operations and structures
  • Eliminate institutional racism and ensure equity within the Tigard community
  • Improve the lived experience of all persons of color in Tigard such that everyone enjoys the same safety and privilege.
Over 500 community members responded with ideas for how the city can meet the objectives. This input was instrumental in shaping the Council's discussion about racial justice and city action. 

The creation of a Transformation Commission was one of the ideas that grew from community input and Council discussion. After countless hours of refining a proposal, it's time to make sure that the draft Transformation Commission aligns with community expectations. 

Take the Mayor's Challenge: Mayor Snider asks that every community member review and provide feedback on the draft proposal for the Transformation Commission. Submit your feedback in the form below by August 3. 

Transformation Commission Proposal

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Are you generally supportive of the proposal for a Transformation Commission?
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Do you agree with the topic areas?
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Are there any improvements you’d like to see to the existing proposal?

How should the 6 at-large Commission Members be selected?
 Council Appointment
Community Vote

What other actions should the city take to address racial equity?
Staff Contact
Marty Wine, City Manager | 503-718-2486
In the News
Tigard mayor proposes public safety transformation commission

"I'm reacting to what Tigard needs now and what I'm hearing from our community, and that's my job," Mayor Snider said about creating the commission.

July Mayor's Corner
I have a lot more to learn. This learning goes beyond the walls of City Hall. I will work side-by-side with community members to engage all voices, problem-solve creatively, and build trust.  As we do this, it is imperative that we hear from members of our community who have been most affected by inequities. Read on...

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