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City of Tigard

Solid Waste & Recycling

Solid Waste Rates to Increase on January 1, 2021
After a six-month delay, solid waste rates will increase 2.7% on January 1, 2021. We understand this is a difficult time to raise rates and our providers (Pride Disposal and Waste Management) continue to pursue actions to keep rates as low as possible.

Solid waste rate increases are governed by the Tigard Municipal Code (11.04.090) and are based on the actual cost to provide service. Council approved new solid waste rates on June 16, 2020 to remain committed to being environmentally sound and to meet the requirements of our solid waste franchise agreement.

Solid Waste Frequently Asked Questions
Posted August 19, 2019

Q: Which garbage hauler provides services to the City of Tigard?
Under TMC 11.04.040 the City of Tigard has a franchise agreement which grants exclusive rights to Pride Disposal Company and Waste Management to provide garbage services to the City of Tigard. Tigard is divided into three service areas. Pride Disposal services Areas 1 and 3. Waste Management provides service to Area 2.

Q: Who's Your Hauler?
A: Find out here:

Q: How long is our current franchise agreement with Pride and Waste Management good for?
According to TMC 11.04.050.B we have an automatic renewal of our franchise agreements for 7-year terms. The latest term was renewed in 2016, which makes this current term ending in 2023.

Q: Do the haulers keep track of complaints/suggestions/requests by their customers?
A: Yes. Pride Disposal and Waste Management log every contact they have with their customers and attach it to the customers individual account for record keeping purposes. Both haulers are willing to share information if requested.

Q: What process would the city use to alter/change services that the hauler offers?
Any changes to the franchise agreement or the Solid Waste Municipal Code would need to be an action taken by the City Council. In speaking with the haulers, they would want to have ample warning that the city is interested in looking at changing services and have the ability to provide feedback related to any equipment changes those services changes might trigger. It is likely that any change to service would also impact rates.

Q: If Tigard wanted to add another garbage hauler to service the city, how would we go about doing that?
A: There are two ways the city could add a new garbage hauler to service Tigard. The first way is if the city were to annex a portion of the county that is serviced by a hauler that is not one of the two haulers that currently serve Tigard. This new hauler would only be allowed to service the area that was annexed. The other way would be at the end of the seven-year franchise agreement the city would have to end the current agreement and create a new one. This would be an action taken by the City Council.

Q:  What is the process for setting rates?
A: The rates for garbage and recycling service are regulated by the franchise contract. City Council considers changes to the contract, including service rates. Under our franchise agreement, the city is required to complete a rate study when a hauler’s rate of return is below 8% or above 12%. The purpose of a rate study is to provide a fair and equitable method of allocating costs to customers based on the actual cost of providing different services to different customer types. 

Pride Disposal’s rate of return was 7% in 2018. As a result, a rate study was completed in 2019 to determine future rates. It had been six years since a cost of service analysis was performed. On June 11, 2019 Council approved new solid waste rates to remain committed to being environmentally sound and meeting the requirements of our solid waste franchise agreement. See TMC 11.04.090 (revised by Ordinance 19-06 dated June 11, 2019) for a more detailed description of rate setting.

The city has two franchised garbage (solid waste) haulers — Pride Disposal Company and Waste Management Incorporated. Each hauler has a separate service area.

Please contact your hauler directly regarding:
  • Starting, stopping or changing service.
  • The status of your account.
  • Billing and payment options.
  • Types of services offered.
  • Garbage, yard debris and recycling collection.
  • Curbside collection schedules.
  • Bulky item collection.
  • Temporary containers, dumpsters and drop boxes.
  • Missed collections.
  • Customer service issues.
 Contact Your Hauler
Who's Your Hauler?
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Pride Disposal
Phone: 503-625-6177
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Waste Management
Phone: 503-249-8078
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Brian Wheatley 
Public Works
503-718-2610 | Email

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Solid Waste Municipal Code
Municipal Code 11.04

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