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Community Planning

Marijuana Facilities Regulations

Ballot Measure 34-257 Approved by Voters 
(Imposes city tax on marijuana retailer's sale of marijuana items)

The measure was approved by voters and approves Tigard Ordinance No. 16-15 imposing a three percent tax, or the maximum rate allowed by the State, whichever is greater, on the sale of marijuana items in the city by a licensed marijuana retailer. The tax will be collected at the point of sale and remitted by the marijuana retailer. The measure also includes provisions regarding collection, administration and enforcement of the tax. There are no restrictions on how the city may use the revenues generated by this tax.

Marijuana Dispensaries Rules and Permits in Place
New policies for marijuana businesses seeking to operate in Tigard went into effect May 1, 2015. 
All marijuana facilities that require a state license or registration must also obtain a Marijuana Facility Permit from the city. These permits will help balance the right of individuals to produce and access marijuana with the need to minimize adverse impacts to nearby properties.

City of Tigard staff will review the permits to ensure that a proposed facility will meet the adopted standards for retail and non-retail marijuana facilities, as set forth in Chapter 18.430 of the Tigard Development Code.  

Tigard’s retail marijuana regulations apply to all businesses conducting direct sales of marijuana or marijuana derivatives to the general public, and are applicable to both medical and recreational sales.   

Tigard’s non-retail regulations apply to all other businesses involved in the production, processing, and distribution of marijuana or marijuana derivatives.  This would include grow facilities, edibles and extracts manufacturing, and warehouse-distribution centers.  

City of Tigard Permit Center
13125 SW Hall Blvd; Tigard, OR 97223

503-718-2421 | Email


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