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Engineering is a division of the Public Works department and is responsible for the design and construction of capital improvement projects, the improvement of transportation circulation, development permitting for the right-or-way and safety including bike and pedestrian trails and routes. Capital improvement projects may include, expansion, rehabilitation, renovation or reconstruction of new or existing facilities to increase capacity, improve efficiency and/or extend useful service life.

Construction Projects

Throughout the year various construction activities take place within the city limits. Some projects are capital improvement projects which use public funds and are managed by governmental jurisdictions and other projects are private development projects which are managed and funded by private parties. We have provided detailed information on larger capital and private development projects.  Read More...

Public Improvement Design Standards & Details

The city’s Public Improvement Design Manual has been developed to provide a uniform set of standards and procedures which provide assistance to both the city staff and private consulting engineers when coordinating, processing and constructing public improvement projects.

NOTE: The manual is currently being updated, but the current version can be downloaded in its entirety or by specified sections as follows:

1. Public Improvement Design Standards Manual (Street standards only)
2. Water Distribution System Design Standards (Revised 9/9/09)
3. Street Details (Revised 2/16)
4. Water Details (Revised 3/17)
5. Wireless Facilities Design and Construction Standards (Effective 1/15/19)

If you have questions, please contact:
Rob Murchison at 503-718-2699

Current Bid Advertisements

Processing of current bids and subsequent contracts is handled by the city’s purchasing department. You may access a list of projects on our Bids & Proposals page.

Streets and Street Maintenance

The city has over 300 miles of streets and 12 miles of paved pathways which it is responsible for maintaining or developing. The Engineering Division and the Street Maintenance Division share the construction and maintenance responsibilities which include traffic signals, streetlights, guardrails, barricades, pavement surfaces, right of way (shoulders, islands, etc.), and street sanding during inclement weather. Read more...

Traffic Engineering and Management

Traffic Engineering involves design, maintenance, and study of traffic related projects and issues. Working in conjunction with the planning and police departments, this aspect of engineering emphasizes on safety and the conformance to federal, state and local regulations.  For more details...

Staff Contact
City Engineer
Lori Faha, 503-718-2759

Asst. City Engineer
  Rob Murchinson, 503-718-2699

Administrative Assistant
Shauna Large, 503-718-2688
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Mon-Thurs: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
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