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Here is a brief recap of the most recent Tigard City Council Business meeting.

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  • Resolutions, proclamations, ordinances, minutes and meeting packets can be found here.

April 2, 2019 City Council Meeting

  • Citizen communication was heard regarding Thornwood Meadows safety and water concerns.
  • City Council approved the Consent Agenda: Proclaiming National Community Development Week; Proclaiming Play Ball Month; February 19, 2019 Council Minutes
  • City Council approved Resolution No. 19-11 – Amending the Master Fees and Charges for the Parks and Recreation Fee. Public testimony was received in favor of the amendment and testimony was received via email opposing the amendment.
  • City Council approved Resolution No. 19-12 – Third Quarter Supplemental Budget.
  • City Council approved Ordinance No. 19-02 – Quasi-Judicial Public Hearing for 95th Avenue Zone Change. Applicant testified regarding the trees that were removed from the property and staff discussed the application, site, and Planning Commission’s recommendation.
  • City Council approved Resolution No. 19-13 – Establishing a Program for Youth City Councilor. Council discussed re-evaluating the position after two-years as well as attendance requirements and having an alternate.
  • City Council approved Resolution No. 19-14 – An Application for a Metro 2040 Planning and Development Grant to Fund the Washington Square Regional Center Update Project and Resolution No. 19-15 – An Application for a Metro 2040 Planning and Development Grant to Fund the West and South River Terrace Urban Reserves Concept Planning Project. Both of these resolutions were walk on items under non-agenda items due to deadlines.
  • Council went into Executive Session to discuss Labor Negotiations under ORS 192.660(2)(d). Council adjourned from the Red Rock Conference Room at 8:00 p.m. 

Review the meeting packet | Review taping of the council meeting

March 26 City Council Meeting

Study Session:  Metro Council Dirksen was unable to attend so his Metro update will be rescheduled.  Each councilor gave their board and committee liaison reports. 

Citizen Communication
Police Chief McAlpine gave her report on February 2019 statistics. Vehicle thefts are continuing to rise and our crime analyst identified suspects in a case involving stolen Honda CRVs which led to an arrest in Beaverton. Behavioral health calls are increasing. Councilors Newton and Lueb went on police ride-alongs recently and expressed both appreciation and admiration for the officers they accompanied.

The CEO of the Tigard Chamber of Commerce gave an update on their events and programs.

A citizen living near the Thornwood development discussed his concerns with traffic and safety on the street.  His neighbor also came to speak about water drainage issues on his property since the Thornwood development began. City Manager Wine will arrange for staff to discuss his issues with the water detention system. A potential South River Terrace developer’s representative requested some clarifying language be added to the council’s proposed Goal 3 strategies. 

Consent Agenda: The following items were approved:  Council meeting minutes, contracts for agent of record services, right-of-way mowing, purchase of a boom/bucket truck, services related to sewer and storm line rehabilitation, and on-call services for utility business and rate planning.

Business: Resolution No. 19-09 was approved, granting an exemption from (City of Tigard) property taxes for five non-profit, low income housing projects owned and operated by Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) and Resident Resources Oregon.  This is considered by Council annually as provided by Tigard Municipal Code Chapter 3.50.  The properties are required to demonstrate compliance with certain criteria. 

Resolution No. 19-10 was approved, authorizing a Metro Regional Travel Options (RTO) grant application to continue the Safe Routes to Schools Program into the FY 19-22 fiscal years.  If received, Tigard intends to expand its successful SRTS program to include high school students, a better partnership with the Tigard-Tualatin School District and expansion into safe busing as well as walking and biking to school.

An IGA was approved with Washington County to accept MSTIP Opportunity Funds to support the Safe Routes to Schools Program.  This supports the current SRTS program and the IGA was needed to request receipt of the money.

Council adopted their 2019-2021 Goals.  Council met for a goal setting session on February 12 and continued discussion was held at the March 5 council meeting. Criteria for the goals included a policy-level focus, two-year timeframe, limited impacts on core service delivery, implementing the Strategic Plan, be achievable and benefit the whole.  Staff refined the strategies around each goal and presented them for council approval last night.  They were adopted as presented.  The goals and strategies will be posted on the website.   
Goal 1:  Ensure the City’s continued financial stability and sustainability while providing mandated services.
Seek ways to fund and increase services valued by the community.
Goal 2:  Invest and connect key areas of the city to promote economic growth and community vitality.
Goal 3:  Ensure Tigard grows and develops in a smart and inclusive manner.
Goal 4:  Enhance two-way communication to understand community priorities and involve the community in the decision-making process.
Goal 5: Enhance walkability and pedestrian connectivity.

Initial Discussion of Potential Local Option Levy and/or Bond Measure - A discussion was held to determine what should be included and when to communicate about the measure.  Council gave staff direction to begin preparing options and a communications plan for a public safety levy with police station bond. 

March 19 City Council Workshop Meeting

    WCCLS Manager Lisa Tattersall and Acting Library Co-Directors Halsted Bernard and Teresa Ferguson gave a presentation on current programs and activities at the 16 libraries in the WCCLS system.  Halsted and Teresa talked about Tigard-specific programs and statistics.
    Assistant Planner Lina Smith summarized proposed changes. Changes include clarifying procedures, updating terminology, making the manual consistent with the Community Development Code and changing canopy requirements to outline them by development types.  Council agreed with the staff recommendation to publish the proposed changes and allow the City Manager to approve them through the Administrative Rule process.
    City Engineer Faha guided Council through a PowerPoint on the status of the city’s capital improvement projects, highlighting schedule or cost changes. She mentioned the Camas Festival which will be held at Dirksen Nature Park on April 27.  People can come learn about the local significance of the camas flower and see the recently renovated oak savanna overlook and nature play area.

March 5 City Council Meeting

  • Citizen communication was heard regarding Thornwood Meadows safety concerns. The Mayor responded to his concerns. 
  • Citizen communication was heard regarding City Council Goals 2019-2021.
  • Council approved Resolution No. 19-07, establishing the Water Advisory Board (WAB).
  • Council approved Resolution No. 19-08, amending City Council ground rules, superseding Resolution No. 1701.
  • Council approved City Council board and committee liaison assignments.
  • Council and staff held a robust discussion about City Council Goals 2019-2021. Council suggested some minor and more detailed changes be made to the Goals.  City Council Goals 2019-2021 will come back to a future meeting for council adoption.


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