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Municipal Court

Commonly Cited Traffic Violations

Are you wondering what the legal definition is for the law you allegedly violated?
Chances are you were cited for violation of a state statute. We have provided a link to the Oregon Revised Statutes site which gives language for the most common violations our Tigard Municipal Court receives. Note the statue number located on your citation in the box designated "Violated (Cite ORS/ORD/ Rule)." If you do not find the statute information here, you may try searching at

Statute # Violation
811.100 Violation of basic speed rule; penalty
811.105 Speeds that are evidence of basic rule violation
811.106 Operation of flashing light indicating children in school zone
811.108 Relationship between speed limits and basic rule
811.109 Penalties for speed limit violations
811.111 Violating a speed limit
811.124 Meaning of "children are present" in ORS 811.105 and 811.123
811.125 Speed racing on highway; penalty
811.135 Careless driving; penalty
Traffic Control Devices
Statute # Violation
811.260 Appropriate driver responses to traffic control devices
811.265 Failure to obey traffic control device; penalty
Statute # Violation
811.335 Unlawful or unsignaled turn; penalty
811.340 Improperly executed left turn; penalty
811.365 Illegal U-turn; penalty
811.420 Passing in a no passing zone; exceptions; penalty
811.485 Following too closely; penalty
811.505 Failure to stop when emerging from alley, driveway or building; penalty
Violation Categories
Statute # Violation
153.012 Violation categories
153.015 Unclasified and specific fine violations
153.018 Schedule of penalties; distribution of proceeds
Statute # Violation
153.045 Citation; requirements
153.048 Complaint; requirements
153.051 Summons; requirements
153.054 Service and filing
Private Party Citations
Statute # Violation
153.058 Initiation of violation proceeding by private party
Statute # Violation
153.061 Appearance by defendant
153.064 Warrant for arrest upon failure to appear
Statute # Violation
153.070 When trial required
153.073 Time and place
153.076 Conduct of trial
153.080 Testimony by affidavit
153.083 Role of peace officer
Statute # Violation
153.090 Provisions of judgment
153.093 Minimum fine
153.096 Suspension of fine in certain cases
153.099 Entry; nondefault cases
153.102 Entry; default cases
153.105 Relief from default judgment
Statute # Violation
138.057 Appeal
Statute # Violation
806.010 Driving uninsured prohibited
806.012 Failure to carry proof of compliance with financial responsibility requirements
Statute # Violation
807.010 Operating vehicle without driving privileges or in violation of license restrictions
811.175 Violation driving while suspended or revoked
Statute # Violation
811.210 Failure to properly use safety belts
811.507 Operating motor vehicle while using mobile communication device
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