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  • Now Hiring: City Manager

Human Resources

City Manager Recruitment Underway

Recruitment and Selection Process is Underway

What is the status of the city manager recruitment?
The city’s practice is to use a competitive application process to fill vacancies. Candidates must submit an application and participate in any selection activities determined by the hiring manager and human resources. In this case, the hiring manager is the City Council. Council is currently working with Human Resources and an executive recruitment firm, Strategic Government Resources, to identify the selection process and related activities. Now that the recruitment is open, we encourage community members to share it with others who might be a good fit for the role.

City Manager Summary of Responsibilities
Here's the City Manager job description.

The city manager is the chief executive officer of the city and serves by appointment of the city council (the elected policymaking board and legislative branch of the city). The manager brings to the local government the benefits of their training and experience in administering local government operations, projects and programs on behalf of the governing body. City managers are expected to be nonpartisan and politically neutral as they carry out the decisions of the governing body (city council). Tigard’s voter-approved city charter guides these roles.

A City Manager has several major roles: employee of the city council to carry out policy direction, administrative head of the government, and regional and community representative for the city. The manager is the chief operating officer of the organization who coordinates and oversees the activities of all city departments, providing direct staff assistance to city council members, including the mayor. He or she directs city staff to lead the financial and budget management process for the city, directs the city's planning efforts, and is responsible for all personnel decisions. The city manager is a policy advisor who also conducts research, develops policies, and evaluates potential public programs.

Dana Bennett 
Human Resources Director

Marty Wine Accepts Position in Monmouth, Nyland Named Interim
The Tigard City Council has selected Assistant City Manager Kathy Nyland to serve as the Interim City Manager. Nyland joined the city in April 2019 with strong experience in local government and community engagement. She has been recognized nationally for her work. Kathy will begin serving in the role on October 17. “My hope is to make this transition as easy and less disruptive as it can be,” Nyland said.

Kathy will fill the role vacated by current City Manager Marty Wine. Marty served the Tigard community for nearly a decade. The community is grateful for her leadership and forward-thinking ideas. We wish Marty the best in her next role as the city manager for the City of Monmouth. Police Chief Kathy McAlpine will be stepping in as Interim Assistant City Manager. Chief McAlpine will continue her duties as the Police Department’s chief through this transition.

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