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City of Tigard

City Management

Job Opportunity: Assistant City Manager
To meet the growing needs of our community, we are adding a second Assistant City Manager to our team. Along with being a part of our continued COVID-19 response, this new forward-thinking team member will join us in tackling major initiatives around climate change, homelessness, and parks and recreation. The new Assistant City Manager will oversee our Investment and Infrastructure portfolio, including Community Development, Finance and Municipal Court, Fleet and Facilities, and Public Works. The first review of applications will begin on September 7, 2021.  Apply today.

 Steve Rymer Steve Rymer
City Manager | 503-718-2486
 Kathy Nyland Kathy Nyland
Assistant City Manager | 503-718-2412
 Joanne Bengston Joanne Bengtson
Executive Assistant to the City Manager and Mayor | 503-718-2476


 Nicole Hendrix Nicole Hendrix
Senior Management Analyst |


 Eduardo Eduardo Ramos
Management Analyst |



City Management is made up of the city manager’s office, human resources, and risk management.

The City Manager’s office is staffed by the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Senior Management Analyst, and Executive Assistant to the City Manager and Mayor. The office manages the city's business and implements the City Council's plans and orders.

The city manager is appointed by the mayor with the consent of the City Council. The Tigard Municipal Code establishes the following duties for the city manager:

  • Exercise control and supervision of all activities, departments and offices, except the office of municipal judge and the office of city attorney.
  • Serve the chief budget and fiscal officer of the city and shall perform the functions of budget officer as prescribed by the Local Budget Law of Oregon.
  • Prepare and submit to the mayor and council financial and activity reports.
  • Coordinate the work of all City departments and employees.
  • Making recommendations to the Council on legislation, financial programs, capital improvements, policies, services, and other matters as requested.
  • Serve as the chief purchasing and business agent.
  • Make available to the public usual and customary information concerning the operations of the city government.

Risk Management

This division provides risk management services to all City departments and the City Council. The Assistant to the City Manager reports directly to the City Manager. 

What is Risk Management? 
In our personal lives we try to stay away from situations that involve the chance of damage or injury to those things or people we love. When these situations cannot be avoided, we typically looks for ways to limit the chance that they could result in harm. For example, when taking a young child to the river for a fun day in the summer we may be aware that there is a risk of drowning and thus place a life jacket on the child to prevent a catastrophe before it can happen.

The practice of risk management in a city is very much the same. The city anticipates what could happen to hurt people, assets, finances, and service capabilities and looks for ways to limit the chance of the damage happening. 

How To File A Claim
Individuals seeking to file a liability claim against the City of Tigard should do so in writing. The information should address the following details with any pictures or other documentation which would make the claim information more complete.

  • Who was involved?
  • What happened?
  • When and where did this occur?
  • What damages and/or injuries did you sustain?
  • Why do you think the City is responsible for the claim?
All claim notices should be sent to:
City of Tigard Risk Management
13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, OR  97223  

For questions, contact Jennifer Curran, Risk/Benefits Manager at 503-718-2418 or
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