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Finance and Information Services

Capital Improvement Plan

What is the Capital Improvement Plan?
The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is Tigard's 6-year plan for matching the cost of large-scale improvements—like fixing roads, water and sewer systems—to anticipated revenues, like taxes and bonds.

What Makes a Project CIP Eligible?
The city defines a CIP project as:
  1. Any public facility project that improves or adds value to Tigard's infrastructure
  2. Costs $50,000 or more
  3. Has a useful life or extends the useful life of a facility for five years or more 

What's Next? Not all capital projects are funded due to limited budgets. Instead, the city allocates money to projects that are considered high priority or have available grant funding. Typically, the further out projects are scheduled beyond the current year, the less likely that immediate funding will be available for construction.

The following list includes examples of some of the project work occurring in Fiscal Year 2020-21:

  • Fanno Creek Regional Trail: complete design and begin construction on four segments
  • Kruger Creek Stabilization: project design
  • North Dakota Street and Tigard Street Bridges Replacement: design for both
  • 121st Avenue Sidewalks and Bike Lanes: complete design
  • Cach Reservoir and Pump Station: design drinking water system storage and distribution system
  • Main Street Phase II: complete design and begin construction
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Right-of-Way Program: begin annual program to remove ADA barriers, primarily by upgrading sidewalk ramps
  • Parks System Master Plan: complete citywide master plan update
  • Frewing Street Stormwater and Sidewalks: construct storm pipe improvements, design and construct new sidewalk
  • Cook Park Softball/Baseball Infields: install artificial turf

Typical Timeline for Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Development


  • Kickoff meeting with departments.
  • Capital needs assessment developed from master plans, area plans and the Strategic Plan.


  • New projects prioritized by staff.


  • Prioritized project list presented to city manager.
  • CIP list reviewed by Council (1st round)
  • Public comment period (late September into early October)
    Prioritized list made available to public, TTAC, PRAB, and TCAC for comment.
  • Public Works evaluates project lists with public comments & prepares CIP project request forms.


  • Prioritized project list presented to city manager.
  • Council review of CIP list.
  • Public Works refines and provides estimates of new projects in years 1-6.


  • CIP projects entered into budget system.


  • Meet with city manager on Proposed Budget/CIP.
  • Revisions to CIP for Approved Budget.


  • Staff reviews and finalizes CIP


  • Budget Committee approves CIP


  • CIP adopted by City Council.


Archived Budget Documents
Capital Improvement Projects Mapping Tool
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