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Public Works

Streets and Street Maintenance

The city has over 150 centerline miles of streets which it is responsible for maintaining or developing. The Engineering Division and the Street Maintenance Division share the construction and maintenance responsibilities which include traffic signals, streetlights, guardrails, barricades, pavement surfaces, right-of-way (shoulders, islands, etc.), and street sanding during inclement weather.

Street SweepingStreet Sweeping
Click to see when the street sweepers will be in your Tigard neighborhood. If you have any questions regarding street sweeping, please contact Rob Block, 503-718-2607 or

Adopt a Street Program

Tigard's Adopt-A-Street Program allows community members to partner with the city by "adopting" a segment of roadway and helping to keep it clean. This is a great program for groups who would like an ongoing opportunity but with flexibility to participate on their own time.

The City will provide each group with safety vests, plastic trash bags, and other necessary materials to clean the street. The City will also collect filled trash bags and remove any large, heavy or hazardous materials.
Adopt-A-Street groups receive a street sign placed in recognition of the time they give to our community. Every participant in this program makes a positive impact on the appearance of the road system and their community.

To sign up or learn more, contact Streets Supervisor Adam Jensen at or 503-718-2606.

Cub Scouts are great volunteers!!

Report a Traffic Signal Concern

There are a number of traffic signals within the City of Tigard's boundaries. Many, though, are under the jurisdictions of the State of Oregon, Washington County or the City of Beaverton. With the exception of two flashing beacons in the city, none of the signals are maintained by the city. Several are, however, owned by the city and we have indicated those with a red asterisk (*) in the Traffic Signal Maintenance List.

State Traffic Signals (ODOT)
(along Pacific Hwy 99W, Hall Blvd, and all freeway interchanges):

Maintenance Issues:
(light out, malfunctioning detector, signal in flash mode, etc.) 
  971-673-6201 during business hours  
  503-731-4652 after hours 

Timing Issues
(waiting too long, capacity, etc.)
  888-275-6368 during business hours

Report a Streetlight Outage

Streetlights provide a valuable service to the community by supplying light for both motorists and pedestrians. The benefits of this important resource are best achieved when every streetlight is operating properly. PGE, however, is unable to manually check each streetlight and thus it depends on the assistance of customers to help identify streetlights in need of repair.

If you notice a streetlight outage, please contact PGE at: 
1. 1-800-544-1795 (press "3"); or
2. (to submit a Streetlight Outage Form online)

When reporting a streetlight outage, it is important to provide the following information:
1. Address;
2. Nearest cross street;
3. Pole number (on pole); and
4. Map number (on pole).

Street Maintenance (Pavement Maintenance Program)

The Street Maintenance Fee supports a yearly program for corrective and preventative maintenance for street infrastructure in Tigard. With a budget of approximately 2.8 million dollars, the city uses four different methods of repair/maintenance depending on the condition of the street.

Street Maintenance Fee

The Street Maintenance Fee (SMF) is a charge paid by Tigard residents and businesses on their monthly utility bill. The fee is used primarily to fund routine maintenance of Tigard’s roads through the Pavement Management Program. In addition the SMF pays for landscape maintenance in the public right-of-way.

Right-of-Way Maintenance

Vegetation and obstacles in the public right-of-way can become potentially hazardous to public safety. In efforts to minimize such potential hazards, the City of Tigard monitors and manages the removal of tall grass and brush in order to maintain clear sight distance for drivers and minimize fire hazards. The city also includes annual trimming of trees as part of this management to ensure lights and signs are not blocked and to keep tree limbs from growing into travel lanes.

Sidewalk maintenance and repair, however, is the sole responsibility of the property owner.  More information can be found in the Tigard Municipal Code 15.12.010 or on the Common Code Violations site. 

Sandbag Station

The city offers a free sandbag station in the parking lot of the Tigard Public Works Building (8777 SW Burnham Street.) The self-service station is stocked with sand and sandbags and can be accessed at any time. Shovels may not be provided, so please bring your own. Sand is to be used for emergency purposes only. Citizens are welcome to return the full sandbags, used or not. Please return them directly to the sandbag station on the west end of the parking lot. 

Sandbag Station at City of Tigard Public Works Parking Lot

Street Cut Moratorium

In an effort to improve the quality and service life of city streets, Tigard has adopted a right-of-way preservation and restoration policy. This policy is designed to protect newly paved streets by limiting pavement cuts and imposing specific restoration requirements. It also will encourage better coordination with utility agencies and other users of the city rights-of-way by requiring those users to provide notice of upcoming project which will require cutting of the pavement.  The full text of the policy is in Chapter 15.04.135 of the Tigard Municipal Code and locations are shown on this map.

Street Maintenance
Adam Jensen at 503-718-2606
(Mon.–Thurs., 7 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.)

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Street Sweeping
Click to see when the street sweepers will be in your Tigard neighborhood. If you have any questions, contact Rob Block, 503-718-2607 or

Street Sanding Street sanding priorities map

Pavement: No Cut
Street Cut Moratorium interactive map

Did you know...
Both Hall Boulevard and Hwy 99W in Tigard are State Highways maintained by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). Questions or issues regarding their maintenance can be directed to the ODOT District 2B Maintenance Office at 971-673-6200 or e-mail ODOT Staffer Lili D. Boicourt.

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