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Tigard Taphouse

Tigard Taphouse got its start when owners Allie Hary and Mike Miller saw the need for a “third place” in Tigard, somewhere that the community could gather other than home or work. Both longtime Tigard residents, Allie and Mike knew from the outset that they wanted to locate in downtown Tigard. “I always thought downtown Tigard had great potential,” says Allie. With this in mind, Allie and Mike scoured downtown for the right site before eventually finding their current location on Burnham Street. “When we came across the old house with the overgrown backyard, we saw a vision of what things could be like if we were to add on to the existing structure and landscape the yard,” says Mike.

Tigard Tap House Owners
The two got to work turning their vision into reality, fully rehabbing the house both inside and out (a portion of the exterior renovations were financed by the City of Tigard’s Urban Renewal Matching Grant program). Making the space presentable, Mike and Allie held their soft opening on the weekend of the 2016 Tigard Street Fair, and Tigard Taphouse has been a beloved downtown staple ever since. Since opening, Mike and Allie have added a building addition to increase indoor seating capacity and completely renovated the expansive backyard space, which now hosts a variety of activities, from cornhole tournaments to live music and, most recently, outdoor movies. In the near future, Mike and Allie plan to expand their food menu and hours of operation so they will be open for lunch. They will also add a covered outdoor seating area, and continue hosting events in the backyard – including the upcoming Aloha Brewfest (August 9 and 10) and a three-year anniversary party.

The Taphouse’s gradual transformation over the past three years has closely mirrored that of downtown Tigard as a whole. “It’s amazing the changes we have seen downtown since we opened almost three years ago,” says Allie. “It’s gone from a ghost town to a bustling downtown.”

In just under three years, Tigard Taphouse has become a true “third place” and one of Tigard’s primary gathering hubs. “At first we thought it would be nice to create an environment to bring the community together,” says Mike. “Now we realize we have created an environment that has surrounded us with good friends. We love to see faces from the early days when we opened with a small house, through the expansion in our second year and now the transformation of the backyard and new outdoor bar. Without the support of customers and friends, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Tigard Taphouse is located at 9230 SW Burnham Street in downtown Tigard. For more information, visit

Jeffrey Allen Gallery

The wall-to-wall collection of Asian artifacts, antiques, furniture and plants arranged throughout Jeffrey Allen Gallery could seem overwhelming, but instead makes the space both serene and inviting. Part home décor store, part design consultation business, this careful attention to detail is emblematic of what makes Jeffrey Allen Gallery a unique addition to Downtown Tigard.

Main Street Business: Jeffrey Allen Gallery

Jeffrey Allen Gallery was established in 1998 as a storefront warehouse for the décor that owner Allen Luong was providing for his home and garden renovation clients. Allen’s collection includes one-of-a-kind artifacts, antiques and furniture, many of which were crafted hundreds of years ago. First opening in then underdeveloped Northwest Portland, the business relocated around 2003 to a Tigard storefront near the Dartmouth Street Winco. In 2015, the business moved again to its current location on the corner of Main and Burnham in Downtown Tigard.

While interior/exterior design consultation is the business’s primary source of revenue, Allen is happy to have a central storefront space where the community can see his impressive collection in person. “We moved to Downtown Tigard because we wanted to be the forerunner not the run after,” says Luong. “We enjoy being a part of this classic Main Street feel, where all the neighbors know each other. We saw the potential of this area from the beginning and are proud to be a part of the evolution of what it is becoming.”

Before opening, the Main Street staple underwent a two-year renovation that completely reconstructed the interior. Much of the renovation work was partially funded by the City’s Urban Renewal Matching Grant program. Another phase of the build out, not funded by the Matching Grant program, included construction of a Vietnamese temple that occupies a third of the building. The temple’s intricate hand carved, gilded gold altar and ornate sculptures were crafted by artisans from five separate villages in rural Vietnam over the course of more than two and a half years. Once completed, the materials were shipped overseas and assembled within the store. Jeffrey Allen Gallery now houses the only working temple of its kind in Oregon, creating a hidden gem in the middle of downtown.

Jeffrey Allen Gallery is located at 12460 SW Main Street in Downtown Tigard. For more information, visit

GoodCake Bakery

GoodCake Bakery is the result of more than 30 years of combined baking experience by co-owners Jay Burton and Edgar Contreras. Edgar comes from a long line of bakers. His father and grandfather were both bakers and he and got his start at a young age in his grandfather’s panadería/pastelería in his home state of Michoacán, Mexico. Jay began her baking career 13 years ago at the now-closed La Montana Market in Aloha, initially filling in when their head baker unexpectedly quit. Through hard work and hours spent teaching herself the ins and outs of baking, Jay became the market’s lead cake baker.   

Good Cake Bakery

With plenty of experience under their belts, Jay and Edgar decided to break out and start a bakery/panadería of their own. Opening in downtown Tigard in May 2018, GoodCake offers both traditional Mexican bread and pastries alongside a menu of Edgar and Jay’s unique desert creations. Among their traditional Mexican offerings are such staples as conchas (Mexican sweet bread), bolillo (savory bread), puerquitos, and niño envuelto. Desert items include multiple flavors of cupcakes, cake pops, tres leches (milk cake), flan, gelatina mosaico, and, of course, lots of cakes, from the traditional to the elaborate.

In addition to providing tasty treats to the community, Jay and Edgar are also helping train the next generation of bakers by hiring Tigard high school students as interns. This connection to the community plays a big part in why Jay and Edgar have been happy doing business in Tigard so far.

“When we were looking for a location for our new bakery, we initially decided to open in Tigard in order to fill a niche in the local marketplace,” says Jay. “What we quickly found is that there is a real sense of pride and community in Tigard. We love how eager people here are to shop local and support local businesses!”

On June 1st, GoodCake Bakery will join 13 vendors and five bands in downtown Tigard at the 2019 Taste of Tigard Food Festival. This year’s Taste of Tigard is being held in conjunction with the 6th annual Tigard Art Walk and promises to be the biggest event yet. Other confirmed vendors include Bailey’s Burgers, Don Flores, Din Tai Fung, Que’d, Koi Fusion, and many more.

GoodCake Bakery is located at 12085 SW Hall Blvd., Suite 130. For more information visit

Game On for Versus Board Games & Senet Tap House
Exciting changes are happening in Downtown Tigard! The opening of Senet Tap House and Versus Board Games, the first combined tap house and retail board game shop in the Portland region, are the newest additions to the unique shopping and restaurants options in downtown. Versus Board Games on Main Street

Senet Tap House is slated to open on June 8, 2019 on the second floor of 12553 SW Main Street. The business overlooks adjacent Fanno Creek and offers a library of board games to play, alongside a food menu and beer and wine crafted in the Pacific Northwest.

The city has preliminarily awarded up to $25,000 in matching grant funding for interior improvements to the Senet Tap House. These improvements include build out of the kitchen, bar, and seating areas, as well as new flooring and electrical upgrades.

Versus Board Games, a retail board game shop, opened for business on December 15, 2018  in the ground floor space below Senet Tap House (12551 SW Main Street). Versus features a wide selection of board games that customers can test out at the upstairs tap house before purchasing.

“Having the opportunity to open a business in downtown Tigard was ideal for our vision” said Senet owner Derrick Wright. “What downtown Tigard is and is going to become is exactly what we are looking to be a part of.”

Mr. Wright’s family history played a part in the decision to locate in downtown Tigard.

“We’re located in the old Tigard Cycle & Ski Shop, where I purchased my first bike,” says Wright. “It wasn’t until I began this search and started talking with my family that I learned that my grandfather owned an appliance repair shop across the creek from my location and that my grandmother went to Tigard High School, when it used to be at the end of Main Street. My mother moved into apartments a short walk from our location when she came to this area and I grew up watching movies at Joy Cinema. With a history rooted in this area over multiple generations, a city that is eager and willing to work with new businesses, and a community happily embracing new entrepreneurs, this feels like the right place and the right time for Senet to become a part of Tigard.”

The historic and walkable downtown is easy to access from the WES Commuter Rail, buses, and Fanno Creek Trail. Make sure your 2019 includes experiencing the downtown transformation.

Welcome to Tigard, REECE Complete Security Solutions!

REECE Complete Security Solutions, a security system integration company, is relocating their headquarters to Tigard in early 2020. Operating in the Portland region for 30 years, REECE creates state-of-the-art software and physical security solutions that are tailored to clients’ needs, including access control, video surveillance, intrusion monitoring and fire safety controls. REECE works with a wide range of customers, including businesses, federal and local government agencies and over 250 K-12 schools.

Reece: Local Business Spotlight

In recent years, REECE’s employment has been growing by over 30 percent annually. They currently employ approximately 70 workers around the state, including 44 workers at their headquarters location.

To accommodate their growth, REECE purchased a 10,500 square foot building near the Tigard Triangle. The building will be renovated to add second story office space, with the lower level split between engineering/assembly and warehouse uses. Following their move to Tigard, the company estimates at least 10 percent workforce growth per year.

“REECE is thrilled to be joining the community of businesses that call Tigard home,” says Dean Reece, CEO. “When looking for our new location, Tigard immediately stood out as the best choice for us to continue to grow our team and company. The blend of new and established businesses has created a high-energy environment that supports strong economic growth in a community that feels much smaller than it is. Our team is looking forward to moving to Tigard!”

With its investment in Tigard, REECE will become the seventh Tigard firm to participate in the Tigard-Lake Oswego Enterprise Zone program. This program offers qualified businesses located within a defined boundary a three to five-year tax abatement on new investment (equipment, buildings and facilities) when the firm also invests in new employees by increasing their workforce by at least 10 percent. Other Tigard firms that have participated in the Enterprise Zone program include Gerber Gear and Consumer Cellular.

More information on REECE Complete Security Solutions can be found at

Arcade Club PDX Takes it Back to the Old School
The first thing visitors to Arcade Club PDX notice is the sheer volume of old school arcade games and pinball machines inside the business’s Main Street space. With 12 arcade games and 18 pinball machines, Arcade Club PDX has one of the largest and rarest collections of classic arcade and pinball machines in the Portland region. Everything from Super Mario Bros to Mortal Kombat to a Wizard of Oz themed pinball machine can all be played within. Owners David Bartlett and Sarah Geelan collected the games over the course of 10 years, and decided to open Arcade Club PDX to showcase their collection and bring the old school arcade experience to Tigard. The owners also wanted to create a community space for gaming lovers of all ages. Bartlett and Geelan spent three years looking for a suitable space before opening for business in downtown Tigard in mid-December of 2018.

Arcade-Club-PDX on Main Street Tigard

"We chose to bring our business to Tigard because it needed something awesome,” says David and Sarah, “a place where parents can reminisce about the good old days and show their kids a new gaming experience with classic arcade and pinball machines."

Main Street has been a great fit so far – local beer and cider offerings have helped attract the 21 and up crowd, while the wide variety of available games brings in a younger demographic, making the space an all-ages destination in downtown. Arcade Club PDX has already garnered a loyal following from local gamers and plans to expand their reach through the addition of events like pinball tournaments and swapping in new machines to keep the game options fresh.

Arcade Club PDX is part of a growing number of indoor entertainment destinations in Tigard. You can learn more about Tigard’s wide variety of indoor entertainment businesses by exploring the City of Tigard’s interactive Inside Tigard map.

Arcade Club PDX is located at 12215 SW Main Street Suite D. For more information visit 

Meet EDA Frames/Frameabl, Tigard’s Rock Star Eyewear Designer

Tucked into the second floor of 12553 SW Main Street is one of Tigard’s most discreet yet high-profile businesses. Founded by optician Paul Vu, EDA Frames/Frameabl produces one-of-a-kind eyewear with sustainable materials. Using 3D face scanning technology, EDA/Frameable is able to design custom fit frames with highly personalized style. This process, coupled with the unique aesthetic of its frame designs, has made EDA/Frameable one of the USA’s leading eyewear distributors and wholesalers. 
Frames/Frameabl, Tigard’s Rock Star Eyewear Designer

Vu’s inimitable designs have also caught the attention of some major superstars; celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Bruno Mars and Gene Simmons of Kiss to former Portland Mayor Sam Adams have all donned specs designed by EDA/Frameabl. In addition to making frames for the stars, EDA/Frameable also works with local and national charities, including Tigard’s Good Neighbor Center and Ronald McDonald House, in addition to volunteering with Pacific University’s School of Optometry.

EDA/Frameabl has been doing business in downtown Tigard since mid-2018 and Vu couldn’t be happier with his Main Street location. “I wanted to build a strong connection with the local community and became determined to find a location in Tigard for my showroom,” says Vu. “When my current space became available in downtown it was perfect. It was still being remodeled but I put down a deposit and waited almost a year to move in. It has been exactly how I envisioned, making connections with the local chamber, community and business owners. It's home for Frameabl and I'm going to put Tigard on the map!" 

EDA Frames/Frameabl is located at 12553 SW Main Street in downtown Tigard. For more information visit and

Agilyx Transforms Trash into Treasure
Looking for something to do with all the Styrofoam you've accumulated? Look no further than Agilyx, a Tigard firm whose cutting-edge technology turns hard-to-recycle mixed plastics into crude oil. This innovative process enables previously unrecyclable plastics to be transformed into a range of valuable products including gasoline, diesel fuel, and lubricants, and even made back into plastic.

Local Business Spotlight: Agilyx

Last November, Agilyx also reached a deal with Monroe Energy (a Delta Air Lines subsidiary) to help create a more renewable form of jet fuel. Agilyx’s plant can process up to 10 tons of mixed plastics a day, helping to form a closed loop system that keeps waste out of the landfill.  Mixed plastics are collected from partner businesses, including local nurseries, food companies and retailers, and transformed into crude oil at Agilyx’s Tigard facility.

In addition to recycling commercial waste products, Agilyx also helps the community ethically dispose of plastics that can’t normally be recycled at home, such as Styrofoam. Community members can deposit their waste polystyrene in the recycling bin in the parking lot of Agilyx’s facility, located at 13240 SW Wall Street (just past Potso Dog Park). Acceptable donations include any plastic with the recycling number 6 on it. 

Agilyx has been located in Tigard since 2009 and has become a pillar of the local economy. “There are many reasons we appreciate the Tigard location, paramount is the great support we get from the community,” said John Desmarteau, Agilyx’s Director of Business Development. “Out-of-state visitors are always impressed with the constant stream of people bringing their waste polystyrene to our drop box at all hours of the day. From the city's permitting process, the sheer beauty of the area, to the great community support (our drop box welcomes your waste polystyrene 24/7!), Tigard has proved to be a great ‘incubator’ city for startups. We are proud to call Tigard home.”

For more information about Agilyx, visit

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