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  • Tigard AID: Assistance, Relief, Delayed Increases

City of Tigard

Tigard AID Program

The Tigard AID Program provides relief from city fees and charges during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As our community comes together in response to COVID-19, the city has taken steps to ensure customers have uninterrupted access to utility services, assistance is available to those who need it, and our utilities remain financially sound.

 Program  Eligibility  Pays

Water Utilities CARE


To apply:
Community Action


You have been impacted by COVID-19 (job loss, reduced work hours, sickness, quarantine, etc.).

Your account is in Washington County and is a residential account billed by a public water, sewer or stormwater entity.

Meet income eligibility of 80% of Area Median Income for the prior 30 days; or have Categorical Eligibility for other needs-based programs (e.g., currently qualified for SNAP, TANF, Head Start, Supplemental Social Security, etc.).

Full delinquency incurred since March 1 and extended through December 30, 2020

Pays exact amount owing—no credits


Tigard Utility Billing Credit

To apply:

(en Espanol)

(en Espanol)

For Residential Customers
All residential customers with an unemployed person in the household due to the COVID19 pandemic.

For Commercial Customers
All commercial customers that  experienced financial losses due to the COVID19 pandemic.

A utility billing credit of up to $40/month through December 2020, or until budgeted funds are depleted.

Financial Assistance to Tigard Water Customers (Residential)

To apply:

The city partners with St. Vincent de Paul to provide financial assistance to customers who demonstrate a financial need.

Eligibility is determined by using the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development income criteria for utility assistance.

Assistance with the water portion of utility bills is typically allowed up to three times per year. However, assistance has been expanded and is now available every month through the end of December 2020.

Which program should I apply to?

  • For households impacted by COVID-19 who meet the income requirements, please apply to the CARE Program which can pay a larger portion of your balance.
  • For households impacted by COVID-19 who do not meet the income requirements for CARE, or for commercial customers, please apply for the Tigard Utility Billing Credit Program. 
  • For Tigard water customers not impacted by COVID-19, but who meet the income requirements, please apply to the Financial Assistance Program 

*Note: Assistance will not be provided in an amount exceeding your total bill.

 Assistance Programs

Alarm Permit Fees
The due date of fees associated with an alarm user’s initial or renewal alarm permit application is deferred through December 2020. The city waives all late fees accruing as of March 16, 2020 and continuing through December 31, 2020. All alarm users must still apply for, or keep valid, an alarm permit. For more info, visit here

Immediate Relief

Suspending Water Shutoffs for Non-Payment
Utility shut-offs are suspended and the city will not charge late fees for missed payments continuing until the expiration of the emergency. Customers who are behind on payments will still owe the city for service, but they will not lose water service at this time. We encourage customers to utilize the Utility Billing Credit program(s) above to avoid accruing a large overdue balance.

 Delayed Rate Increases

Utility Bill Relief
Adopted utility bill rate increases will be delayed until January 1, 2021. This will help all customers that receive a utility bill from Tigard. A typical home that is billed for water, sewer, and stormwater will save approximately $9/month.

Utility Billing Credit
» Apply online:
   Residential | Commercial
» Call: 503-639-3572
» Email:

Utility Billing  
» Pay by Phone: 1-888-826-7211  
» Pay Online

Mailing Address
Tigard Utility Billing
PO Box 3129
Portland, OR 97208

AID Relief
Tigard City Council approved $2.2 million in customer assistance as part of the Tigard AID Program. 

  • $625K for unemployed households 
  • $125K for businesses 
  • $50K for expanding the program for low income households (through St. Vincent de Paul) 
  • $1.4M for all customers through delayed rate increases

For More Information
Resolution 20-24:
  Monthly Utility Credit

Resolution 20-25:
  Alarm Permit Fees

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