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Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force

Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force Briefed on Fiscal Choices
Understanding local government finance is not easy. There are different funds, revenue streaming, property tax limitations and more. The 15 Tigard residents who comprise the Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force have begun the task of understanding Tigard’s finances.

The task force is learning that the City faces a major financial challenge because cost growth, at 4 percent a year, is exceeding revenue growth, pegged at 3.5 percent per annum. If the City of Tigard continues on this path, residents will begin to notice an erosion of services. This may include a reduction of school resource officers or less park maintenance. The task force will consider solutions, such as a local option levy, to prevent this erosion. In December, the City Council will receive the task force’s recommendation on how to address the financial challenges.

In the meantime, the community is encouraged to follow along and participate in the discussions of the task force. Meetings are open to the public. All of the information presented to the task force is available for review on this webpage. You can submit input or questions by via email to Kent Wyatt at

Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force Background
The Tigard Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force will advise the City Council regarding future funding for city services and future funding for city facilities. This includes exploring the advancement of voter-approved measures for city services and facilities.

The Task Force’s recommendations could suggest seeking voter-approved tax increases or find that the services and facilities do not warrant a public vote.

Task Force Members
Alan Miles, Angela Anastasakis, Carl Switzer, Cathy Olson, Chris Middaugh, Christopher Staggs, Clifford Rone, Darlene Dick, Erin Scheller, Holly Koontz, Jamie Watson, Jeff Croke, Kate Rogers, Melody Graeber, Mitch Friedman, Robert Van Vlack, Wayne Gross

3rd Thursday of each month, 6 to 8:30 p.m., Tigard City Hall

April 19, 2018 Meeting
March 15, 2018 Meeting February 15, 2018 Meeting
  • Meeting #7 Understanding Facilities Conditions / West Linn Tour
January 18, 2018 Meeting

December 12, 2017 Council Meeting Presentation

  • The Levy and Bond Task Force presented recommendations to the City Council on the questions of:
    1) Should the city pursue a local option levy with the voters of Tigard?
    2) What should a local option levy be used for in the City of Tigard?
    3) If the city chooses to refer a local option levy to voters, at what rate per thousand should the city consider? View the City Council agenda item for additional information.

November 16 Meeting

October 19 Meeting

September 21 Meeting

August 17 Meeting

July 20 Meeting Follow Up

Key Documents

Darlene Dick - Bond and Levy Task Force
Darlene Dick, Co-Chair

Tigard’s Levy and Bond Task Force
"I got involved to see how I could help Tigard maintain the hometown feel that everyone loves. When I heard the city was looking for Levy and Bond Task Force members, I decided to use my knowledge and experience in accounting to make a difference.” Read more on the Volunteer Profiles page...

Recommendation Made
Levy and Bond Advisory Task Force unanimously recommends Tigard seek levy option: 
Read the update from the Tigard Times.

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