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The Library offers many publications that describe our programs and services. Some are available online or you can pick them up at the Library.

What's New?

The 2021-2026 Tigard Public Library Strategic Plan (en español) was developed during a year of disruption for the library, amid the reduction and reinvention of services due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. This unique time proved to be advantageous for the development of the strategic plan, as members of the Tigard community and library team took the opportunity to reflect on what we love most about the library, and how we want our library to serve our community into the future.

Our final strategic plan focuses on the themes of access, equity, and community connection. We look forward to engaging with the work outlined in this plan to provide excellent customer service and tailor our services to best meet the needs of the Tigard community.

Monthly E-Newsletter: Books and Bits
Books and Bits is sent monthly to Tigard Library card holders who have provided their email addresses. It provides information on programs, reading recommendations, tips on enhancing your library experience and updates on the technological services we offer. Back issues also provide book recommendations from the Reading Room and helpful tips to get the most out of using your library.

Library Reports

How Are We Doing? For a snapshot of how the library is responding to community needs, take a look at these recent projects:

  • Periodically the library conducts patron surveys. We want to thank everyone who took the time to share their views about the library. Find out what others are saying about the library. The library relies on your feedback to improve service. Thank you for helping us serve you better. 
  • The Performance Audit requested by the City's Financial Strategies task force found that the library is managed in a cost-effective manner, providing citizens with 4:1 return on each tax dollar invested in library operations.
Library staff has already implemented some of the recommendations from the survey and the audit report.  We will continue to report our progress and ask for your suggestions.  Performance matters at the Tigard Library… and so do you!    
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