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Community Development

Streets for People

What’s New?
The Tigard Transportation Advisory Committee (TTAC) has re-launched he Streets for People program. Potential locations were screened and prioritized based on proximity and access to our existing trail network and by transportation equity needs based on census data.

Streets for People Locations:

  • Fanno Creek Trail to Pathfinder Trail:  We are returning to the original pilot location connecting Fanno Creek Trail to the Pathfinder Trail.
  • 95th Avenue: This new location connects neighborhoods and schools to the Tigard Heritage Trail, adding pedestrian access in an underserved neighborhood with limited pedestrian options.
  • Fern Street: This new location connects neighborhoods to the Ascension Trail improving pedestrian access to a mid-street trailhead.

We Want Your Feedback!  We strive to bring value to Tigard's community and we want your feedback! Share your experience and ideas using this brief survey. We will be collecting responses until October 29th.


In spring of 2020, the City of Tigard implemented the “Streets for People” pilot project on several streets, providing walking and bicycling access to the Fanno Creek Trail north of downtown. The pilot project was designed to support the reopening of our outdoor community with several pop-up neighborhood greenways.

During the pilot project, staff collected feedback from neighbors on the street, trail users, and community residents through several tools including postcards, intercept surveys, and an online survey tool.

In the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant reduction in auto traffic and a significant increase in the number of our residents walking and bicycling on city streets to stay active and healthy.  Responses to the pilot program were overwhelmingly positive and staff received several requests for expansion of the program into other locations across the city.

The Streets for People Pilot Program:

  • Introduced safe and healthy opportunities for residents to actively recreate and travel within their neighborhoods through the Streets for People campaign. 
  • Improved access to public space and connecting more neighborhoods to Tigard’s trail network.
  • Reduced restrictions on how businesses can use public space to allow businesses to reopen in places like sidewalks and parking spaces while keeping customers safe through social distancing.


Dave Roth
Senior Transportation Planner
503-718-2457 | 

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