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City of Tigard

72nd Avenue Transportation Plan

Whether you are shopping, grabbing a bite to eat on the way home or passing through to another destination in Tigard, you have probably traveled on 72nd Avenue. The busy road is a main thoroughfare for bus, car and truck traffic and as the city grows, so does the number of people that walk and bike in the corridor. To help make sure that no matter where you are going, you have reliable options for getting there, the city is developing a plan for future investments along 72nd Avenue.

Planning for the Future of the Corridor72nd and Redwood
72nd Avenue travels through the heart of the Tigard Triangle, a 500-acre district that gets its name from being sequestered on three sides by Pacific Highway, Highway 217 and Interstate 5.

Thousands of people travel along the street every day to get to work, shop at big-box stores like WinCo and Costco, commercial warehouses and a smattering of houses and apartment complexes - mixed in with vacant lots.

The avenue has a vital role in the City of Tigard’s vision to improve driving, biking, walking and transit access in the Triangle. A strategic plan for the area envisions a vibrant core with people living and working within walking distance to small shops, restaurants and parks.

To help make the vision a reality, the City is looking at the current movement of goods, freight and people in the corridor to develop a strategy for growth and investments that support multiple types of land use and travel. The outcome will be a plan with recommendations for things like:

  • How many travel lanes are needed to make safe connections to businesses and housing,
  • where to put bus stops, bike lanes and street crossings to support different forms of travel in the area,
  • What kind of improvements are needed to make the corridor accessible and attractive for people that work, live and play in the Triangle and,
  • what kind of investments will be needed to implement the plan?

The project is about more than transportation planning. It is about taking care of what we already have, making good economic choices for the future and creating a great community.

Staff Contact
Lori Faha, City Engineer

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