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60th Celebration

Through interviews, photos, and historic walks, celebrate the first 60 years of Tigard.

'60 Years, 60 Stories'
A Lively and Vibrant Area
By Cindy Olson

In 1998, I moved to Tigard to be closer to my children. It's been wonderful living in a neighborhood that is close to the Fanno Creek Trail and Dirksen Park. 

Also, I have enjoyed watching Main Street evolve into a lively and vibrant area. I especially enjoy the hanging glass globes - just lovely!

An important part of my Tigard story is centered around the headquarters of Medical Teams International in Tigard. I enjoy my volunteer position there, and making a positive contribution to the community. 

I also spend my time volunteering for the Adopt-a-Street program. Shout out to Adam Jensen, Street Supervisor who always makes sure I get my Adopt A Street tools ready so I can pick up litter on Tigard Street.

One of my first Tigard memories is from the 60's when my family visited my Aunt and Uncle who lived on O’Mara street. It was always a special trip from where we lived in SE Portland.

'60 Years, 60 Stories'
Tigard is a Special Place with Special People
By Emma Jones

In 2018, my spouse and I had been living in a lovely rental home in SW Portland for about four months (we had lived in a rental home in Beaverton for two years before that) before we started looking around to buy our first home. We loved Tigard's little downtown and plentiful trails, and when we found a home for sale on Woodard Park, we fell in love. As nervous, overwhelmed first-time home buyers, we just kept taking the next step until the keys miraculously ended up in our hands!

All my favorite memories from living in Tigard involve my incredibly special community of neighbors in my cul-de-sac. Being right on Fanno Creek, all our homes are in a flood plain, and everyone looks out for one another and does what they can to help when there's a heavy rain. We have a super-fun block party every summer, and everyone at least makes an appearance (and at most hangs out all day long). We get together and walk downtown to have beers at Tigard Taphouse or try new games at Senet Game Bar.

One of my favorite memories is when my next-door neighbors thought they saw my cat, Dean, outside my house, so they chucked him inside; I got home to Dean glaring at a cat that was obviously not him!

My Tigard story is made up of walks at Dirksen Nature Park or on the Pathfinder-Genesis trail, walks down the Fanno Creek Trail or Tigard Heritage Trail to Ash Avenue Dog Park or Tigard Public Library, delicious veggie pub burgers at Cooper Mountain Ale Works, afternoons shopping at Curiosities Vintage Mall, birthday parties at Stumptown Escape Games, late-night drinks at live music at Tigardville Station, and old movies at Joy Cinema.

History of Early Tigard as told by Anna Kosnik Gallo.
This story dates back to 1920.

Video: 60 Years of Tigard History
Take a walk down the halls of Tigard History as we celebrate 60 years of being a city. 

Podcast: Talking Tigard Features Former and Current City Leaders
Former Mayor Dirksen and Councilor Newton discuss their role in Tigard's history

Main Street History Tour
Stroll down Tigard’s Main Street and learn about our history.

Tigard Heritage Trail and Outdoor Museum
The Tigard Heritage Trail is a pathway for commerce and culture. The Outdoor Museum includes three major artworks and a series of interpretive installations that tell the story of Tigard’s heritage. 

Book it! Read 'Tigard' by Barbara Peterson
Tigard, Oregon, began as an elegant farming community on the Tualatin Plains in the Northern Willamette Valley and became an upscale metropolitan residential community. The Native American Atfalati Kalapuyas interacted with early trappers, traders, missionaries, and pioneer settlers. Pioneers arrived in the 1850s to take up donation land claims. Tigard was originally called East Butte, and numerous nationalities and religions populated the settlement.

Share Your Story
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Tigard Time Capsule
Time Capsule
Travel back in time and see how far we've come.

Tigard Picture Project
Share pictures of Tigard through the years. Bonus: we'll send you retro Tigard stickers as a thank you gift. Submit pictures to or mail them to 13125 SW Hall Blvd, 97223. Indicate the year the picture was taken and the location.

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