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Acquisitions Supervisory Meagan Gibson
Meagan Gibson, Acquisitions Supervisor

Acquisitions Supervisor
"As the Acquisitions Supervisor, Meagan Gibson orders all library materials selected by librarians and enters basic information about the items in the catalog, so that patrons can reserve them even before they are published!  She carefully tracks both the amount of money the library spends in each area of the collection and the status of the orders to make sure the library has received everything. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Library Staff Profile: Lindsay DelaneyLindsay Delaney

Circulation Meldrum, Youth Services Librarian
I work on library services for our kids, teens, and families – especially Spanish speakers. Any given day, I might be picking out books in Spanish for the library to order, planning a bilingual story time, answering questions at the children’s desk, or making a visit to a nearby school. Throughout the year, I plan special events like our Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) program. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Joyce Niewendorp, Senior Librarian
Joyce Niewendorp

Senior Librarian
"The people that I have the privilege of assisting every day are the best part of my job. People of all ages and walks of life come to the library for a variety of reasons. What could be more satisfying than knowing that because of you, someone walked out of the library with just what they were after? Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Cally Meldrum, Library Staff Cally Meldrum

Circulation Library Assistant
Cally Meldrum, Circulation Library Assistant is one of the friendly faces who helps you at the Circulation and Welcome desks. As she says, “if you’ve read the Sabriel Series by Garth Nix, then you are aware that Library Assistants are pretty tough. While I haven’t fought a magical creature recently, I have tackled weird patron account issues and located books that have…disappeared.” Not only is she an avid reader, Cally also writes poetry and short stories. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Stephanie Milbrodt
Stephanie Milbrodt

Senior Technical Services Librarian
"The data that cataloging staff enter into our system directly affects how users find items in the online catalog and in our stacks. I enjoy managing this data in a way that I hope makes searching for materials easy and meaningful." Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Katie Nelson, Library Volunteer Coordinator
Katie Nelson

Volunteer Coordinator
Katie recently received her Master’s in History from Portland State University, where she researched and wrote about Portland’s civil rights advocacy efforts in the 1970s. In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading and spending time outdoors hiking and camping. She will celebrate her second year as Volunteer Coordinator on Wed., Aug. 8. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Holly Campbell-Polivka
Holly Campbell-Polivka

Youth Services Librarian
Story Times are important because they’re a gateway to the library. People who may not use the library hear about story time. They want to come to the library and then they discover all of the other things that the library has to offer. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Kari Kunst, Youth Librarian
Kari Kunst

Youth Services Librarian
We’re able to offer kids a safe, fun place to explore S.T.E.A.M. concepts. It’s free. It’s hands-on. It’s informal and they can explore and build their confidence. S.T.E.A.M. is important in school and it will be important in careers. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Ann-Marie Anderson, Adult Librarian

Ann-Marie Anderson

Adult Librarian
Ann-Marie has worked at the Tigard Library for 13 years. She coordinates the library’s senior outreach services and visits assisted living centers around town several times a year. She also manages the library’s Friendly Visitor program in addition to her reference work. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Youth Services Supervisor Amber Bell
Amber Bell

Youth Services Supervisor
When we plan programs for kids and families at the library, we aim to support patrons to be able to express their creativity by offering arts programs and to read for pleasure through our many book clubs. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Photo: Dylan Dekay-Bemis, Economic Development Coordinator

Dylan Dekay-Bemis

Economic Development Coordinator
Dylan Dekay-Bemis is making a big impact by helping Tigard’s 3,300 thriving businesses. Knowing that starting a small business can be overwhelming, he created a step-by-step guide to help new businesses get started. Read more on the Community Development Profiles page...

Sean Garvey, Local History Librarian
Sean Garvey

Local History Librarian
Sean Garvey has been the library’s local history librarian since 2007, assisting many patrons with local history questions and conducting research for them. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Jen Vasicek  
Jen Vasicek

Volunteer: Tigard Library Foundation, SRTS Parent Champion, Ped and Bicyclist Subcommittee
When the mother of two isn’t leading a biking and walking group to her nearby elementary school, she volunteers her time on the Tigard Library Foundation and Pedestrian and Bicyclist Subcommittee.  Read more on the Volunteer Profiles page...

Kirt Bowers, Public Works
Kirt Bowers

Public Works
Meet Public Works employee Kirt Bowers. His job includes using robotic TVI (Television Video Inspection) to detect failing stormwater and sewer lines. Watch the video.

Kristan Rinell, School Resource Officer  
Kristan Rinell

Police School Resource Officer
Students often confide in School Resource Officers like Rinell about troubles in their homes or wayward activities that they or their friends may be engaged in such as shoplifting, using drugs or posting risqué photos online. Read more on the Police Profiles page...

Darlene Dick - Bond and Levy Task Force   

Darlene Dick

Tigard’s Levy and Bond Task Force Co-Chair
"I got involved to see how I could help Tigard maintain the hometown feel that everyone loves. When I heard the city was looking for Levy and Bond Task Force members, I decided to use my knowledge and experience in accounting to make a difference.” Read more on the Volunteer Profiles page...

Lisa Elliott, Tigard Public Library
Lisa Elliott

Library Youth Services
Lisa has headed the Library’s Young Adult program for 10 years. You may find her assisting Muggles or making magic with the Teen Library Council, who are the inspiration for many of the teen programs. Read more on the Library Profiles page...

Ken Ross, Code Compliance

Ken Ross 

Code Enforcement
Team work! Code Compliance Officer Ken Ross makes a difference in our community.  Read more...

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