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Safe Routes to School
We are pursuing a Safe Routes to School program at the six Tigard schools.  Learn more here.
Watch for Children and Slow Down For Safety
Watch carefully for signs identifying school speed zones. In Oregon, certain school zone speed limits are enforced when school is in session; however, several school speed zones in Tigard are identified when a flashing yellow light is activated. Although it’s always a good idea to drive carefully near schools, it is vital that motorists know and obey school speed limits when they are in effect.

Pay particular attention to school buses loading or unloading children. Oregon law requires motorists stop for flashing red lights on school buses. Tigard Police have partnered with school bus transportation companies to receive bus driver reports of vehicles that do not stop when red lights flash.

For further information, please contact Tigard's Public Information Officer Jim Wolf at 503-718-2561 during normal business hours.

Bottom line, common sense approach, when you pass through a school zone —SLOW DOWN. We actively and strictly enforce the school zone speed limit in Tigard.

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