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Tigard Police Set To Conduct Pedestrian Enforcement Campaign
On Monday, August 7, 2017 the Tigard Police Traffic Safety Unit will be taking extra steps to ensure pedestrian safety while bringing added attention to the importance of pedestrian related traffic laws. Oregon law requires motorists to yield and stop for pedestrians who are legally crossing streets. Violation of the law is a Class B traffic infraction with a penalty of $260.00.

The goal of the safety campaign is to raise driver awareness regarding the right of way for pedestrians and to reduce the number of complaints expressed by pedestrians at problematic intersections. Throughout the years, Tigard has seen a significant number of injuries and deaths related to auto-pedestrian crashes. This highly visible enforcement operation will help to educate motorists in the effort to reduce injuries associated with auto-pedestrian crashes.

Select officers are planning to conduct the operation at the intersection of Greenburg Rd. at Center St. in Tigard beginning at 8 a.m. and continuing until noon. The location selected is based upon officer observations and complaints expressed by pedestrians noting difficulty in attempts to safely cross the road.

The ability for police to carry out pedestrian safety enforcement campaigns hinges on grant funding awarded to Tigard Police. Police caution motorists to always expect pedestrians near and in the roadway attempting to cross. Pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility. You can learn more about the effort of the Tigard Police Traffic Safety Unit on social media by following @tigardpolice.

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