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Chief McAlpine

Kathy McAlpine has been selected to lead the Tigard Police Department as Chief. McAlpine currently serves as an Assistant Chief of Police with the Tacoma Police Department; she is expected to be in place in Tigard in mid-April.

"Asst. Chief McAlpine is a proven law enforcement leader who has demonstrated energy, commitment, and community collaboration, with a wealth of knowledge ained in a successful career in Tacoma,” said Tigard City Manager Marty Wine. “Tigard is seeking all these qualities in our police chief and we are excited to welcome her to the Tigard Police Department. I’m confident her innovation and creativity will serve Tigard well for the future of our city that’s growing and changing.”

McAlpine has been with the Tacoma Police Department since 1986, rising through the ranks from Patrol Officer to Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and, now, Assistant Chief of Police – the rank she has held for the past five years. Some of her accomplishments include developing programs such as the Peer Support team and the Early Intervention System. She also developed the Department-wide gang strategy, oversaw the department’s first gang unit, and led the department’s accreditation team to achieve their first accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation in Law Enforcement in 2010, and a successful second reaccreditation in 2016.

In her current position, as Assistant Chief of Police, Administrative Services Bureau, McAlpine is responsible for management of the department’s $159 million biennial budget in coordination with the Budget Office. She is also a member of Tacoma’s Equity and Empowerment Think Tank and the city’s Executive group for the design and implementation of Project Peace (Partnering with Equity And Community Engagement) community forums to create a level of trust, relationship and understanding with Tacoma’s diverse communities.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to serve the Tigard community and to be a part of the City’s leadership team,” said McAlpine. “I look forward to meeting and working with community members, business owners and the men and women of the Tigard Police Department, and developing a shared vision for the police department that’s aligned with the city’s strategic plan. I am thankful for my 30 years with the Tacoma Police Department and the knowledge, skills and abilities I have developed throughout the years that have culminated in the opportunity to be Tigard’s next Chief of Police.”

McAlpine holds a Bachelors degree in Workforce, Education and Development from Southern Illinois University; is a graduate of Northwestern University Police Staff and Command Class #321; and has a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice from Columbia College. She is a member of the Pierce County Chiefs Association and the Washington Association of Police and Sheriffs. She is also a co-founder of the Northwest Women’s Law Enforcement Network.


Kathy McAlpine, Chief
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