• Powers and Diesel

Tigard Police Department

Police K-9

K9 or K-9 is an abbreviation and homophone of Canine. It may refer to a variety of entries, most related to dogs. The term originated in the military. The term, originally referencing war dogs, has since carried over to police, sentry and assistance dogs.

Powers and Diesel
Diesel, a purebred German shepherd, is teamed up with handler Officer Mike Powers. They were certified fit for police duty after an intensive training program.  Diesel has been on the job since June 2015.

K-9s are an important component in the continued efforts for a community to remain competitive in the fight to reduce crime. The added ability for tracking, delaying and locating suspects involved in crimes can prove to be invaluable to a police department. Tigard Police is proud of its K-9 program and continually strives to provide the best possible service and maintain the safety for citizens. 
Officer Rivera and K-9 Rico
Rivera and K-9 Rico

K-9 Baxter Retires after Eight Years Fighting Crime
At a public event held in July 2016, Baxter was officially retired after eight years of dedicated service to Tigard and surrounding communities. 


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