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Welcome to Tigard
As a business owner, entrepreneur, developer or builder, you are an important investor in our community and our local  economy. On behalf of the city of Tigard, I’m pleased to welcome you to our city.

Tigard is part of a regional economy. More than 25,000 Tigard residents are the creative talent and highly skilled workforce that power businesses around the Portland Metro Region. More than 3,300 Tigard companies attract a workforce of  50,000 people from around the region to our city every day.

Locally, in 2014, the City of Tigard adopted a strategic vision with a 20-year timeframe to make this city the most walkable community in the Pacific Northwest where residents of all ages live healthy and interconnected lives.

As an investor in our community, this means your business has access to a highly skilled and healthy workforce. As a developer or builder your investment in infrastructure helps create a more connected community that returns value to you and to residents.

We look forward to working with you to make the City of Tigard the right place for you to invest your time, energy and resources. If you have any questions about growing your business in Tigard, locating your business here or developing here, please feel free to contact me

Mayor Cook
 John L. Cook, Mayor
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