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State of the City Event

Tigard On!

State of the City | February 7, 2018 | Broadway Rose Theatre
Sponsored by Comcast and Indio Spirits

A live performance by Tigard High School Choralation at the State of the City event (based on the Tony award-winning production of Hamilton)!

Tigard On! 
(based on songs from Hamilton: An American Musical)

How does a city like Tigard that’s home to more than
fifty thou, take care of all of its people now and
look ahead, make decisions, plan for growth with some precision
to keep it moving toward its vision?

Connect people, become a city without equal;
One that engages with the public all ages,
from young folks to wise sages, at different life stages,
day to day? A vision our community embraces.

Well every day our folks are working throughout the city
Patrolling, sharing stories, keeping parks really pretty.
Crews check underground for sewers that are gritty,
Inside we help folks with problems big and bitty.

Streets and curbs get upgraded thanks to our engineers,
Stormwater gets managed so it doesn’t flow up here.
And our residents help out by pitching in to volunteer
On boards and committees, they give advice throughout the year.

Well the word gets around; they say “Tigard is the place, man!”
People start to move here – up from Cali, down from Spokane.
Parks and trails and neighborhoods where everyone can play!
And once here they all want to stay! What’s your name, man?

John Cook, I’m the Mayor here.
My name is John Cook, I’m the Mayor here.
And let us tell you what this city’s done
This past year. This past year.

Last January’s winter storms dropped lots and lots of snow
But our street crews were out there keeping people on the go.
Each day they went out with trucks to de-ice and sand;
(And people wrote thank you notes they still keep on hand.)

Spring we had events designed to engage our communities
Starting with Latino business outreach opportunities;
Egg Hunt, Public Works Day brought the kiddies out, it’s true;
And Tigard PD’s Open House let people meet our folks in blue.

The summer brought movies, pop-ups and a concert in the park;
The Lake Oswego Tigard Water Project finished with high marks,
Got a grant to clean up Main Street at Fanno Creek so
It can be developed and make Downtown look so chic, oh!

The Tigard Street Heritage Trail is on its way now!
Safe Routes to School had 1500 kids join in – wow!
But we’re looking ahead, and as we see expenses grow
There’s something that we want you to know:

We are not throwing away our shot.
We are not throwing away our shot.
City expenses outpace revenues from property tax
So we might have to make some cutbacks.

You’re the place we want to be, oh Tigard
But investment’s what we need in Tigard,
To ensure we can succeed in Tigard!
What’s the future to be in Tigard?

I can see our parks all beautiful so easily;
Going to school car-free. What’s at stake? What about community?
If I value something, do I speak or do I let it be?
Is it like a beat without a melody?

See, I never thought I had any reason to think that there wasn’t plenty.
Things seem fine so I didn’t ask many questions about what we make,
what it takes, at what point do we break?
But now I hear the message clear and steady.

Scratch that; this is not a message, it’s a movement
With people looking ahead to see improvements.
Hope surrounds us that folks will understand
See what’s at risk here, and maybe lend a hand.

And – if we go out for a levy
What is the focus so that we keep the level steady?
A great community’s our number one goal
where schools and neighborhoods are there for young and old.

Look, I know some think that what we have now is fine;
but wow there’s a lot in disrepair or decline.
Join with us on the front line and help us handle our financial situation.
There’s a lot here at stake, why else make this oration?

It’s time we start pursuing. I’m hopeful we’ll be
Moving toward a sound foundation.
Every action’s an act of creation.
If we do nothing our quality of life may go
It’s time we start thinkin’ past tomorrow.

But we are not throwing away our shot.
We are not throwing away our shot.
Hey yo, we all love this city
Want it to stay really pretty
So we’re not throwing away our shot.

We are not throwing away our shot.
We are not throwing away our shot.
Hey yo, we all love this city
Want it to stay really pretty
So we’re not throwing away our
Not throwing away our

State of the City Event 2018 - Mayor John L. Cook

State of the City 2018 - Broadway Rose Crowd shot

State of the City Event: 2018 stage production
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