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Calling Artists of All Ages!

The City of Tigard is looking for drawings from Metzger community members and students to be used as inspirations for an Art Fence at Metzger School Park. Drawings should represent your thoughts and feelings about Metzger School Park, now or in the future. Artwork can be of patterns, activities, family, places, gardens, outdoors…or draw what your community means to you. Let your imagination go!

•  •    Rules •  • 

Entries must be:
• Drawn on a 3”x 5” index card
• Drawn with a thick black marker
• Black on white only
• Must be hand-drawn and original work
  Tip: Your art will look best when it is simple and bold (see examples below)
       Carrots image for Art Fence       Soccer Image for Art Fence
 » One entry per person
 » Write your first and last name on the back of the card
 » Art submission authorizes the City of Tigard to use your drawing, and its reproduction, in an Art Fence.
 » Entries will not be returned and may be included in additional publications. 
 » Deadline for Entries: July 18, 2018 at 5 p.m.

Please turn your entry in to one of our drop box locations: 
¤ Metzger Elementary School 10350 SW Lincoln Street
¤ Tigard City Hall - Permit Center 13125 SW Hall Blvd.


Project Background
This project’s vision is to create a gathering place for the community. An inviting space that encourages people to come together and engage with one another in a safe and open environment.

The vision to transform Metzger School into a community park, open to residents outside of school areas, came out of a collaborative effort between the school, community members, local groups and the City of Tigard.  Serving an area of the city without easy access to much-needed recreational spaces, this project will create opportunities for learning, playing, and developing interconnected lives.

The neighbors and community members, who will use it most often, helped create the plan and amenities of the future park.

The key elements include:

  • Artificial Turf Soccer Field in an area surround by lots of pavement, lack of sidewalks and little to no open areas, most local youths play soccer in open parking lots and on the street. An artificial turf field would open up a world of possibilities for them to engage in physical recreation.
  • Amphitheater design came from a desire from the community to have more opportunities to express themselves. Having a space to preform artistically for their family and peers helps increase a child’s confidence and presentation skills while offering a medium for self-expression. 
  • Nature Play areas have been linked to a variety of benefits including:  increased health by stimulating children’s immune systems, increase physically fitness, lower incidents of behavioral disorders and increased imaginations.
  • Art Fence and Community Gardens increase sense of community and stewardship. They also offer opportunities to bring people together from a wide variety of backgrounds and foster relationships even when language barriers exist.
Metzger Draft Master Plan

Lauren Scott
Community Engagement Coordinator

Metzger Park Location
10350 SW Lincoln St.

Metzger School Park fundraising is a collaborative effort between the City of Tigard, Tigard-Tualatin School District and community members with a shared vision for Metzger School Park.

We will:

  • Lead the transformation of the property into a neighborhood park
  • Assist in the collaboration between local government, neighbors and park users
  • Act as stewards to sustain and preserve the park’s natural assets


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City of Tigard
Memo Line: c/o Friends of Metzger School Park
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Friends of Metzger School Park
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