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Building Permit Applications and Supplemental Forms
If you have questions regarding these building permit applications and forms, please contact the Building Permit Technicians at 503-718-2439.

Automated Inspection Request System
Inspection Line (24 hours/day): 503-639-4175
Inspection Hours: Mon–Fri: 8 AM–3:30 PM
User Guide (how to schedule inspections, cancel inspections, obtain inspection results)

Online Services:
How to Make Payments Online
How to Apply for a Building Permit and Schedule Inspections Online
Click Here to Check the Status of a Permit or Inspection
How to Obtain Inspection Results on Tigard Mapping Services
How to Submit a Code Compliance Request

Building Permit Applications
Please contact the Building Division at 503-718-2439 if the form you're looking for is not posted here.
Building Permit Application - Residential (includes PhotoVoltaic system)
Building Permit Application - Commercial and Multi-Family (includes PhotoVoltaic system)
Commercial Application Checklist (required for all commercial & multi-family projects)
Electrical Permit Application (includes Renewable Energy fees)
Fire Protection System Permit Application (new form effective July 15, 2014)
Manufactured Dwelling Placement Permit Application - Submittal Requirements
Mechanical Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application - Fixture Units
Plumbing Permit Application - Site Utilities
Re-Roof Permit Application
Site Work Permit Application and Submittal Requirements

Supplemental Forms
Address and Commercial Suite Application (doc)
Address and Commercial Suite Application (pdf)
Building Valuation Data Table - 2014 (effective April 1, 2014)
Fire Alarm System Affidavit
Fire Sprinkler Affidavit
Over-The-Counter (OTC) Plan Review Submittal Criteria
Medical Gas System - Installer Performance Testing Record
Photovoltaic Checklist
Photovoltaic Electrical Diagram
Refund Policy for CD/PW/Eng Transactions
Request For Permit Action (cancel, refund or change contractor)
Residential Building Permit Questions Guide
Residential High Efficiency Lighting Systems
Residential Moisture Content Acknowledgement
Residential Site Plan Review Guide
Residential Wall Bracing Guide — Prescriptive Worksheet
Street Tree Certification
System Development Charges (effective August 20, 2014)
Transmittal Letter (for plan review responses and revision submittals)
Trust Account Request
Water Meter Fixture Unit Worksheet

Business Forms
Community Development
500 Foot Property Owner Mailing Labels | PDF version
Accessory Residential Application
Adjustment Type 1 Application
Appeal Land Use Application
Clean Water Services Permit Process
Clean Water Services Pre-Screening Site Assessment
Collocate Antennas
Downtown Design Review Compliance Letter - Type 1 Application
Home Occupation Permit Type 1 Application
Land Use Applications Fee Schedule
Lot Line Adjustment Application
Minor Modification Application
Other Land Use Applications
Pre Application Conference Request
Public Facility Improvement (PFI) Permit Application & Appendix (for all right-of-way work)
Sensitive Lands Review
Sight Distance Certification Example
Sign Permit Application
Temporary Use Permit Application
Tree Removal Permit Application

Dedication Documents
Instructions for Completing Dedication Documents

Greenway Dedication - Corporate
Greenway Dedication - Individual
Greenway Dedication - Partnership
Road & Street Purposes Dedication - Corporate
Road & Street Purposes Dedication - Individual
Road & Street Purposes Dedication - Partnership

Instructions for Completing Easement Documents

Bikeway & Pedestrian Way - Corporate
Bikeway & Pedestrian Way - Individual
Bikeway & Pedestrian Way - Partnership
Joint Access - Residential - Corporate
Joint Access - Corporate, 2 parcels
Joint Access - Corporate, 3 parcels
Joint Access - Individual, 2 parcels
Joint Access - Individual, 3 parcels
Public Utility - Corporate
Public Utility - Individual
Public Utility - Partnership
Sanitary & Storm Sewer - Corporate
Sanitary & Storm Sewer - Individual
Sanitary & Storm Sewer - Partnership
Sanitary Sewer (Temporary) - Corporate
Sanitary Sewer (Temporary) - Individual
Sanitary Sewer - Corporate
Sanitary Sewer - Individual
Sanitary Sewer - Partnership
Storm Sewer - Corporate
Storm Sewer - Individual
Storm Sewer - Partnership
Traffic Signal - Corporate
Traffic Signal - Individual
Waterline - Corporate
Waterline - Individual

Instructions for Completing Waiver Documents

Waiver (Non-Remonstrance Agreement) Street Improvements - Corporate
Waiver (Non-Remonstrance Agreement) Street Improvements - Individual
Waiver (Non-Remonstrance Agreement) Street Improvements - Partnership

Human Resources: Employment Applications
Employment Application (Word Version Word Version)
Employment Application (PDF Version PDF Version)

Public Records
Risk Management
Utility Billing
Volunteer Opportunities
Forms for Download
Business License
Community Development
Human Resources
Public Records
Risk Management
Utility Billing

Additional Information
Fees & Charges Schedule

City of Tigard, 13125 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard, OR 97223
Automated Phone Attendant: 503-639-4171
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