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Favorite Walking/Biking Routes in Tigard

In June 2015, we asked Tigard residents to tell us their favorite walking or biking path in Tigard. We have compiled the responses and present them for your consideration next time you are looking for a new walking or biking route. You can find additional routes by checking out the routes taken by Tigard Walks which is our community walking program.

From my house on Morning Hill Drive through the neighborhood to Summerlake Park, around the lake and then back home again.
--Sarah Finseth

I love hiking and biking through Cook Park and along the Fanno Creek trail behind the library.
--Jamison Bourgeois

The Fanno Creek trail from Fowler to Denny.
--Scott Taylor

Starting from the butterfly garden in Cook Park and ending at Tualatin Community Park! So beautiful, lots of scenery!
--Alexis Keat

My favorite walking route is from my house in the Applewood neighborhood to THS, down the hill to Cook Park, path to the Tualatin River, then left back towards the main park over to the butterfly garden, thru the nature area, past the softball fields up the path to the water treatment center, then back thru the neighborhoods & home. It is just about 3.5 miles round trip or so. Great way to see people, wildlife, nature & neighborhoods!
--Tiffany Bigej

Anything through Summerfield! It's totally safe!
--Jill Donnelly

Start at Ash Avenue, turn left on Village Glenn Dr. to Frewing and Omara left of Hill street loop.
--Monica Bilodeau

Fonner Street, 115th, Gaarde, Walnut, Fanno Trail, Cook Park.
--Lucy Shipley

Along the Fanno Creek Trail from North Dakota St to Katherine St then through Downtown Tigard to Hall Blvd then to Cook Park and back along the trail.
--Adam LaFountain

Our favorite is around our neighborhood, the Englewood Park area. You have the Fanno Creek Trail and the various parks.
--Melissa Brown

East Butte Park looping around to 106th and 104th
--Monica Bilodeau

Fanno Creek!
--Jennie Dean

Summerlake Park!
--Brittany McLean

My favorite walking route is through Cook Park to the dog park and back. Such a nice scenic route.
--Jordan Daniels

Along the river and through the butterfly garden in Cook Park, around the bird watching area, and over the river on the footbridge. I love living in such a beautiful city!
--Sara Tilley

Fanno Creek Trail from the library to downtown!
--Liz Aberg

The Fanno Creek Trail.
-James Chantell

Through Cook Park!
--Elisa Turpen

My fiancé and I walk through the neighborhood to the trail that leads to Cook Park, through the park, sometimes to the dog park in Tualatin, and back along Durham to home!
--Jolene Rice

I enjoy Fanno Creek trail, from Tigard into Beaverton. Sometimes, I will ride up to THS from Scholls.
--Melissa Brown

Fanno Creek Trail is my favorite for cycling. From Grant and Johnson (near St. Anthony Church & School) I ride northwest to the trailhead opposite Brookside Avenue. Then north along the trail, all the way to Denney Road and back, is about eight miles. If I have some more energy I'll then continue south, along Katherine and Tigard Streets to downtown, and make a loop using the trail alongside the Portland & Western Railroad (WES) to Hall Boulevard, then south to City Hall, and back up the Fanno Creek Trail, which makes it about an 11 mile loop.
--Erik Halstead

Through Cook Park to the dock!
--Lenore Shafer

The new boardwalk on SW Johnson Street over Derry Dell Creek.
--Rick Kappler

The trail over Fanno Creek next to the Library.
--Jan Anderson

Through Fanno Creek Park and past the library or the other way to Woodard Park
--Carla Castaño, KOIN TV and Tigard Resident

My favorite bike ride through Tigard is a loop that begins on the Fanno Creek Trail and includes downtown Tigard, Cook Park, and Gaarde Street.  The Fanno Creek Trail is a great path to ride on for cyclist of all abilities through urban wetlands.  Once in downtown Tigard, there is plenty to see while riding by with new artwork and landscaping on Main Street.  The ride along Burnham Street and Hall Boulevard -- on the way to Cook Park -- is a pleasant one with Burnham Street being newly paved, and a wide bike lane along Hall Blvd. Cook Park is always a great destination for cyclists with a smooth, meandering trail, tall trees, and a bridge to cross.  Leaving Cook Park and heading towards West Tigard, there are nice bike lanes along McDonald and Gaarde. The reward for climbing up and over Gaarde is a great view of Mt. Hood on a clear day.
--Brandon Taggert

The downtown loop. Permit Center to Main Street via the Fanno Creek Trail and Burnham.
--Tom McGuire

A favorite walk (1.5mi) starts in front of Twality Middle school, east on Inez, south on 92nd, east on Pinebrook, south through the Sheckla Greenway, up 91st to Mallard Lakes, then cutting through the Templeton fields by the playground to the Twality track, and back to the start.
--Mike McCarthy

Another (3mi) also starts at Twality, up Pembrook and Inez to East Butte Park, down Del Monte, Lady Marion, and 100th to Summerfield, around Highland to Greens to Summerfield to Alderbrook through Summerfield, then north on 92nd and west on Inez back to the start in front of Twality. 
---Mike McCarthy

A third loop (5mi) also starts at Twality, south on 98th, through Summerfield on Century Oak, south on 104th, west on Kent to south 108th, then east on the trails along the river to Cook Park, then northeast along the trails to 85th, west on Durham, then north on 88th, west on Sattler, and north on 96th back to Twality. 
--Mike McCarthy

One of my favorite bike rides is the Fanno Creek Trail northwest through Tigard and Beaverton then east to Garden Home, perhaps with a stop at Dairy Queen, then returning to the office via Olesen, 80th, Spruce, 78th, Pfaffle, and Hall.
--Mike McCarthy

Check out this map on MapMyWalk: 3.87 mi Cook Park Loop. Distance: 3.87 mi
--Marissa Grass

Since I’m usually only in Tigard during work hours, my favorite Tigard walk is a short out-and-back, perfect for a 15-minute break. I leave the library and head south on the Fanno Creek Trail, behind the condos on Wall St. I follow the trail until it ends on SW Fanno Creek Drive, then turn around and head back to work. I love it because I get to see beautiful scenery along Fanno Creek and climb a few sizable hills in a short amount of time, just a few steps away from work.
--Molly Carlisle

My favorite Tigard Walk is… City Hall (13125 SW Hall Blvd) to Symposium Coffee Shop (12345 Main Street).
--Lloyd Purdy

Start at 110th/Fairhaven and enter the Derry Dell Creek canyon, turn right and follow the trail along the creek to Eden Court. Cross the cul-de-sac and pick up the Pathfinder Trail. You can see a beaver dam and lodge right up close! Follow it up and out to Pathfinder Ct. Turn left and then cross Walnut Street in the new crosswalk. Ride the new Woodard Park boardwalk to Woodard Park, cross Fanno Creek and take the Fanno Creek Trail to Tiedeman Road. Turn left onto Tiedeman and turn left again on Walnut, looping back to the Pathfinder Trail and reversing your ride to return home.
--Carol Krager

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You can add to the list by sending your favorite route to Kent Wyatt — We will compile the list throughout our journey to become the most walkable city in the Northwest.
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